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Bronchial asthma

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Bronchial asthma is a chronic disease which causes inflammation in bronchial tubes due to sensitivity to certain irritants and causes irritation and difficulty in breathing. It is a chronic disease and those who are induced with the problem of bronchial asthma needs to be under medical treatment for almost life time. WhileBronchial asthma treatment  children are the worst victim of bronchial asthma, adults are not spared. In fact this disease can affect any person irrespective of his/her age, location, and social status.
Although bronchial asthma treatment cannot cure the disease completely but it can keep the spell of this problem under control and allows its victims leading a comparatively normal life.

Consistent medicinal intervention and life style control are two prime issues for bronchial asthma treatment. Basically two types of medicines are administered for bronchial asthma treatment. One is Quick Relief Medicines, and             second option is Long-term Control Medicines; the first one is called reliever as it relieves the acute complications and the second type is called preventers because intake of these medicines help to resist the recurrence of the disease in its intensified form.
While the relievers provide instant relief, the preventers type of medicines attempt to improve the complete immunity system of the patients and help the bronchial asthma patients leading comparatively normal life style.

Drugs, resembling two vital hormones in our body, are helpful for bronchial asthma treatment. These two hormones are hydrocortisone and adrenalin.
Adrenaline is pumped into the bloodstream of the patient in the spell of emergency to have the reflex of body; adrenaline makes our pulse rate fast, creates a drive for heart’s rapid action and prepares health system to encounter any sort of crisis. 
In bronchial asthma treatment the medicines which assist adrenaline for fighting crisis are called reliever.
Hydrocortisone groups of medicines are administered for long-term relief from Bronchial asthma complications and long-term taking of these medicines help in reducing the intensity of the pain and sufferings of the asthma victim. Hydrocortisone group of medicines are steroid type and therefore works most efficiently against the spell of complications and suffocation of the patients.

Another reliever medicine in bronchial asthma treatment is bronchodilator and it works as instant relief medicine of the patients in the midst of acute breathing crisis. These bronchodilator medicines are used at initial stage of treatment and for preliminary stage. In case of severe asthma attack, doctors prescribe steroid type of medicines for relief and well-being of the patient.