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Vernada GEO ODO Spinor Car Forpost 4G/5G EMF protection

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Scientific society published loads of researches and take part in continuous debates about the influence of electromagnetic radiation. Different scientists have different opinions about it, but most of them agree that the level and harm totally depend on radiation frequency and intensity.

In the modern world we live under influence of various types of radiation produced by electric equipment, microwave ovens and mobile phones. Each of them can affect our health and become a reason of various diseases.

Influence of mobile phone radiation

Mobile phone radiation is maybe one of the most common one as everyone of us use phones every day. Basing on different tests, scientists and doctors discovered the next harmful effects of mobile radiation:

  • blood-brain barrier effects;
  • much higher risk of cancer;
  • cognitive effects;
  • sleep disorders;
  • for men, reducing the quality and quantity of sperm which can cause problems with reproductive function.

Though everyday use of phones is quite dangerous for our bodies, the most harm we get from the base stations. If you live near such construction, you definitely should protect yourself and your family from intense mobile radiation which it produces.

EMF protection products at Kalinka store

Alternative medicine scientists invented various devices and products to protect us from electromagnetic radiation. For example, if you want to be protected 24/7, choose wearable devices like stylish Spinor Cem Tech Air bracelets. Also, the small Forpost-1 device is a perfect choice as you can always carry it with you in a purse and use both at home and at work — for example, while working at the computer.

To be protected at work, choose Shungite pyramids which you can place on your desk as a decorative accessorize. We also offer neutralizing adapters to reduce the harmful influence of wi-fi fields without stopping using a comfortable wireless internet. At home you can use healing blankets which will protect you while you sleep.

We offer free worldwide delivery of all orders. If you have any questions about the use of EMF protection products, please feel free to contact and ask us.