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Bronchitis treatment

Bronchitis is commonly two types and these two types are chronic and acute. Complication wise Bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchial tube. Bronchial tubes are responsible for carrying air from lungs, to and fro. Acute bronchitis is often developed as result of cold infection or other respiratory infection. ChronicBronchitis treatment bronchitis is a more complicated physical condition than acute bronchitis where the victim suffers from continuous irritation or inflammation of the lining of the bronchial tubes. Often smokers suffer from chronic bronchitis.
Chronic bronchitis is one of the common diseases in obstructive pulmonary disease [COPD]. However, chronic bronchitis needs immediate and continuous medical intervention.
Acute Bronchitis treatments include the remedies and medical aids for relieving the symptoms and easing the recurring breathing trouble of the suffering patients.

Acute or chronic bronchitis treatment is absolutely symptoms specific and therefore it is essential we should know the common symptoms of acute or chronic bronchitis.
Cough, wheezing, feverish feeling, discomfort, fatigue, visible shortness of breath are common symptoms for acute and chronic type of bronchitis.
The victims of chronic bronchitis suffer from morning cough and their problem gets worse in damp weather. Moreover, patients of acute bronchitis often suffer from frequent bout of cold infection.
Common bronchitis treatment process involves drinking fluid, breathing in warm and moist air, taking adequate rest, relying on over the counter cough suppressant and acetaminophen, etc.
There are some medications which are often prescribed by doctors to support the well-being of the bronchitis patients like antibiotics, cough medicines, inhaler, nasal drops etc. which are most often provides relief against the discomfort of the suffering patients.

The patients of chronic bronchitis often get great relief by pulmonary rehabilitation as a natural bronchitis treatment remedy.  It is an exclusive breathing exercise process which on course of practice improves breathing ability and exercise.

There are some home cares remedies, which are often prove efficient as prompt supportiveBronchitis treatments. These are using humidifier in bathroom and bedroom, using face musk while outside, practicing pursed lip breathing are some common technique which helps in fighting the bout of bronchitis.
Some age-old herbal remedies are considered as great natural bronchitis treatment; Chinese herbs and Pelargonium sidoides are two great herbs known for their acute bronchial infection healing power.