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SAMOZDRAV "Cosmic health" anti astma Personal Breathing Complex for recovery and rejuvenation

SAMOZDRAV "Cosmic health" anti astma Personal Breathing Complex for recovery and rejuvenation
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"Samozdrav" is a device that allows you to normalize the gas composition of the blood, which leads to the expansion of previously spasmodic vessels. The restored dose has a healing effect, the body begins to heal itself - a person gets the opportunity to reduce the dosage or completely abandon previously taken medicines.

How does "Samozdrav" work:

The mechanism of the Samozdrav breathing trainer is absolutely natural - it restores the action parameters of a natural vasodilator - carbon dioxide trainer (CO2) - to normal values. The fact is that in the human body, with age, the delicate balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide is disturbed, which leads to a violation of a number of important functions of the body. Blood gas imbalance is also facilitated by:


aggressive external environment;

frequent stress;

sedentary lifestyle;

bad habits.

The lack of concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood leads to vasospasm, circulatory disorders, and the occurrence of chronic diseases.

The Samozdravny breathing exercise machine restores the CO2 concentration to normal levels in an absolutely natural way, eliminating spasms and improving blood circulation.

It is based on a natural mechanism - regular inhalation of air saturated with carbon dioxide.


Convenient to use;

Normalizes the body's work, bringing the pressure indicator back to normal;

Effective for a variety of diseases;

Improving blood circulation has a healing effect on the entire body.

Indications for use:

Prevention and elimination of the likelihood of heart attack and stroke!

Severe hypertension, coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, arrhythmias.

Prevents hypertensive crises.

Helps with vegetative dystonia.

Osteochondrosis, arthrosis.

Eliminates problems of the gastrointestinal tract, eliminates constipation.

Helps with insomnia, relieves headaches.

Restores blood circulation in the extremities, helps with varicose veins.

It is especially effective for chronic bronchitis and lung diseases.

Helps normalize weight.

Effective for age-related farsightedness and myopia.



Chronic and infectious diseases in the stage of exacerbation and decompensation;

Respiratory failure, accompanied by severe hypoxemia in combination with hypercapnia;

Recurrent (repetitive) pulmonary hemorrhage and hemoptysis;

A period of severe hypertensive crisis;

In oncology, the period of the course of chemotherapy and three months after it;

The acute period of a post-stroke, post-infarction state (the first 3 months after a stroke or heart attack);

The period after abdominal surgery (3 months).

Mode of application:

Exercises on the Samozdrav breathing trainer begins with 5-6 minutes a day, adding 2 a day, until it reaches values ​​of 30-40 minutes a day.

It is better to divide the training time into two equal parts in time: morning - performed immediately after waking up and evening - performed immediately before bedtime.

Delivery set of the Samozdrav Comfort simulator:

Complete simulator base (base, lid, middle chamber, cup, cup lid)

Face mask


Nose clip (2 pcs.)

Flexible expansion joint


Plastic tube

Breathing intensity meter

Instructions for use (russian) . English manual in PDF

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