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SAMOZDRAV "Cosmic health" anti astma Personal Breathing Complex for recovery and rejuvenation

SAMOZDRAV "Cosmic health" anti astma Personal Breathing Complex for recovery and rejuvenation
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SAMOZDRAV "Cosmic health" anti astma Personal Breathing Complex for recovery and rejuvenation


The invention of Russian scientists is based on more than 40 years experience of trainings of cosmonauts for space flights. The original idea involved inhalation of high content carbone dioxide air with complicated equipment that was used in the Space programme for the flight preparation of cosmonauts.

Now the new discovery of Russian medics and space scientists Samozdrav breathing complex (Cosmic Health) is available for personal use at home and it is a fast method.

All diseases are caused by nerves and hypodynamia Hypertension, ischemic illness of heart, asthma, insomnia, allergy, diabetes, migraine, arthritis. These and other diseases arise frequently at the senior age. Medicine is practically powerless against them - that is why they are called chronic diseases.

What about drugs people are using for treatment of chronic diseases. The main defect of all drugs and recipes is but one - they gives temporary relief only. They all have unhealthy by-effects. People get used to them and must change them periodically. Worst of all - all known drugs cant influence on source of chronic diseases!

But why they arise?

Small blood vessels (capillary) begin gradually constrict after the person is 25 years old because of hypodinamia and stresses and this results to improper blood supply of the cells and organs, and then to all these diseases.

Breathing complex Samozdrav (Cosmic Health) helps to restore the normal conductivity of blood vessels in 4 - 6 months. It is the best remedy for treatment of hypertension. The easy breathing procedure with breathing device lasts only 20-30 minutes a day, without any unpleasant sensations.

Breathing complex Samozdrav (Cosmic Health) uses method of physiological training of the whole organism. Medical investigations of the people having used this method give fancy results: the organism of 50 - 60-years people begins to work almost as at 25-years! More than 400000 of people in Russia and all over the World have used breathing device Samozdrav (Cosmic Health) to treat hypertension, asthma and others chronic diseases.

What is Samozdrav breathing complex?


Phisiologically Samozdrav (Cosmic Health) works equally to Buteyko's method - it gives compulsory increasing of blood CO2 level. But unpleasant procedure of holding one's breath now is eliminated. Besides that Cosmic Health has another advantage - it's using is absolutly safe and training can be done without doctor's supervision.


Complex consists of two devices - Capnometr (gauge) and Capnicator (trainer).

Capnometr - device for breath intensity measurement. Its construction is very simple - it is plastic sack with valve. The full volume of sack equals 13 litres. For measurement the sack is inflated on the full with normal breathing. By the time of its filling (1-4 min) it is possible to calculate (with the help of table) intensity of breath and then concentration of CO2 in the blood (norm = 6.5%). As a rule the intensity of breathe (ventilation) is reduced by 1.5-2 times after 5-th month of training.

Capnicator consist of three containers one inside another forming together mixing chamber in which fresh air is added to exhaled air in wanted ratio (there is about 5% of CO2 in exhaled air but only 0.03% in external air). It is essential that the device does not create a simple mixture of fresh and exhaled air (it would not give much useful effect), but a composition of heterogeneous layers.The training consist of four stages, the month's duration of each. Even within 4-6 weeks of use, a significant and sustained reduction in blood pressure is achieved. To re-adjust kapnicator for next stage you must turn inner container on fixed corner. There is full description in the manual.

How it works and why you become healthier


Samozdrav (Cosmic Health) breathing complex extends arterioles and restores normal blood-flow of all cells, tissues and organs in your organism. As a result they all began to functionate normally and pathologies disappear.

The second main factor is that Samozdrav removes a spasm of all soft muscles of an organism. Not only arterioles and arteries but bronchi, bowels walls, liver ducts, biliary tracts, urinary tracts, ureter' consists of soft muscles. That's why, at a lack of CO2 in an organism not only microvessels but unstriped muscles of other organs are spasmed, which is the main reason for the most part of chronic diseases.

Breathing with the help of device during a 30-minute session acts to increase CO2 level in the organism and this stays for a few hours after the training with the complex. This is a way of training of the respiratory centre to adapt to the increased CO2 level.

After a few months of training, the respiratory centre readapts automatically to the normal 6.0% level of CO2. During these months, there is a decrease in the depth of breathing and ventilation of lungs and the level of CO2 in alveolar air in the lungs gradually becomes normal (6.0%). This in turn improves metabolism in all organism cells, leading to spasm relief in all soft muscles (vessels, bronchus, etc) and a boost to immunity generally.

After that the human organism becomes healthy and many symptoms of diseases disappear. What is more, cells will become more resistant to hypoxia because a reserve of oxygen supply is built up. The human organism becomes increasingly resistant to extreme stress, and to physical and mental exertion. As a result many diseases such as a heart attack or stroke can be prevented.

This simple 30 min breathing procedure brings the veins to a normal condition in 4 - 6 months so then there is no need for the vein-dilative medication. A strain on the heart and blood pressure normalize. Blood circulation in brain, heart and all other organs become normal too. The threat of having a heart attack or a stroke disappears. A good blood circulation is an important preventive measure to avoid breathing system, heart, vein system, alimentary tract, movement dysfunctions which are caused by bad circulatory system work and muscle spasms.

Blood microcirculation improvement cures a lot of illnesses, such as hypertension, heart disease, asthma, bronchitis, insomnia, allergy, migraine, arthritis, prostatic pain, colitis, hardened voiding, peptic (gastric) ulcer, II type diabetes and others. Simple breathing exercise strengthens the body immune system and helps you to prevent all kinds of infectious diseases, flu and so on.

Available to anyone at any age and any place.

Samozdrav (Cosmic Health) special features are simplicity and availability to anyone. This product can be used by anyone of any age because breathing device does not require any physical or strong will efforts? You don't waste your time because during the breathing exercise you can watch television, read a newspaper and so on.

The device doesn't occupy much space. It is so compact that can be placed even into a small handbag.

Take your personal breathing complex with you wherever you want so there is no need to interrupt breathing exercises.


Well-known all over the World Cosmic and natural health strengthening technology is becoming popular and famous all over the world.

In 1999 on International exhibition in Brussels the device was awarded Gold medal.

In 2000 Samozdrav (Cosmic Health) breathing complex got Silver medal.

In 2001 on International exhibition of international innovations and useful discoveries for Humanity in Moscow the device got Gold medal.


The Device is certificated and recommended for application by Russian Federation Ministry of Public Health Patent of Russia N 21737334 from 27.12.2001

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