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Bacterial pneumonia

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Bacterial pneumonia

Pneumonia is a lung infection and it can be severe in its intensity and may cause fetal. However in normal cases it takes maximum 2-3 weeks to get completely cured fromBacterial pneumonia pneumonia. But for senior people and children it may consume more time to get completely recovered from this problem and it is better to shift these people at health care center for better monitoring and medical intervention of the disease.

There are basically two ways how pneumonia gets induced in our system; one is community related pneumonia and second way of induction is health care associated pneumonia.
Mostly pneumonia is the result of severe bacterial infection and it is called bacterial pneumonia; however viral infection may also lead for viral pneumonia. In other language bacterial pneumonia is also expressed as pneumonia bacteriana.

The symptoms of bacterial pneumonia are easy to understand. These symptoms are clearly visible and most of the symptoms get acute within short tenure of the infection. The common symptoms are mild to high fever with shivering, fast breathing and feeling acute short of breath, feeling intense chest pain at the time of coughing, hard coughing and the cough may be rusty, green or may com with tinge of blood. Palpitation, nausea, vomiting, unconditional fatigue, and extreme weakness are the other symptoms of bacterial pneumonia.

Sometimes the pneumonia patient may suffer from bout of diarrhea, and in these situations, the case has to be treated with utmost care and as serious emergency for the life of the suffering patient.

When a pneumonia patient displays mild symptoms of pneumonia, doctors call it walking pneumonia.
The symptoms of viral pneumonia is almost same but the main difference of viral and bacterial pneumonia is bacterial pneumonia is fast spreading disease while, the complication take some time to get visible for complete idea of the disease.

Bacterial pneumonia is treated by antibiotics. However, the selection of antibiotics is largely depends on three inter related factors like the general health of the patient, the intensity of the disease, and the type of antibiotics are to be prescribed. The selection of antibiotics is decided on factors like age, present health condition of the patient, and clear knowledge of the intensity of the disease.

Popular antibiotics which are in general administered for the relief of the bacterial pneumonia patients are, in general, Macrolides, Tetracyclines, and Fluoroquinolone and the dose and potency of the drug is decided by the doctor depending on the case history and intensity of the pneumonia attack.