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Vitiligo and psoriasis cure

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Devices and medicine that you will find on this page are designed to treat or reduce the impact of diseases like psoriasis, alopecia and vitiligo. Though diseases of skin and hair aren't deadly, they cause many psychological problems for people who suffer from them. Noticeable disabilities of appearance can cause problems in finding good job or personal life.

Traditional medicine can't offer really effective treatment for these illnesses while alternative healing methods count several truly effective ways to heal them. One of them is UVB treatment — a method which uses UVB light to bring recovery for patients.

UVB therapy devices

UVB therapy devices which you can find on this page include:

  • multifunctional curing UVB lamps;
  • protective goggles for your eyes;
  • darsonval violet ray devices with various tubes.

You have to be careful while using UVB devices and always wear protective glasses to prevent eyes traumas as UVB radiation is dangerous for eyes.

Highly effective medicament

As an alternative or addition to UVB method we recommend to use various creams, pills and dry grass — a safe and effective treatment.

For psoriasis treatment we highly recommend to use Pelodex black mud — an extract from Kuyalnik salt lake. Kuyalnik is a legendary Ukrainian salt lake with healing mud that helps to fight different skin diseases.

Dry duckweed is highly effective in vitiligo treatment. This natural ingredient is used in most of pills for vitiligo treatment. Good results also show Protopic cream. VitiLemma pills are manufactured to fight skin pigmentation problems. They are composed of natural ingredients only and don't cause any side effect except possible individual allergy for components.

Skin care products also include Placentol balsam — a unique Russian beauty product that helps to keep the skin young and prevent dozens of skin diseases.

Please remember that health and beauty are strongly connected so applying creams and masks is not enough — you have to drink clean water and eat eco products to always stay healthy and beautiful. Kalinka store is here to help you with it. We will help you to stay healthy and beautiful!