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Tools for organic eco healthy home

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Tools  for organic  eco healthy home

We offer you a list of products that will make your life more environmentally friendly, rational and economical consumption and protect you from the harmful effects of civilization.
Milk separators - If you have a small farm or even one goat or cow - you can provide your family with healthy and natural products - cream, butter, milk, cottage cheese. The home separator (electric or manual) is easy to use and can process up to 100 liters of milk per hour. Enjoy homemade natural food.

Hand-operated grain mills. We are accustomed to the fact that we can buy snow-white flour in the store and bake cookies from it for our children. We don’t even think that this product is devoid of all the useful properties. White flour is not a natural product that is good for our health. Only whole grain flour contains all the wealth that nature itself contains in the grain. You will be able to make whole grain flour in a stone mill. This simple adaptation will change the eating habits of your family.

Water is something without which we cannot imagine our life. Therefore, it is so important that it is clean and healthy. The device for creating water with silver ions Nevoton will help you make water for drinking, for brushing your teeth, for washing vegetables and fruits, for treating kitchen surfaces. Silver ions have a bactericidal effect - and this is very important for us! Devices for the production of living and dead water - will help solve many health problems and come in handy in everyday life. Find out more about them - this is interesting and useful information.


Many of us suffer from the dominance of gadgets in our lives. Telephones, computers, televisions - we live in a constant stream of information.


Even when we do not use them, we are still under the influence of torsion fields, radiation from routers, telephones, microwave ovens, etc. Many electrosensitive people experience real stress from this and their health deteriorates. Others do not feel any symptoms .. but for the time being. It is much better to protect your home, office, car, and children's room from harmful radiation. Spinor devices - Vernada Geo, Vernada Odo and others - are very easy to use - but the effect of them is difficult to overestimate.


Creativity is one of the most interesting and emotional areas of our life. The ability and the ability to manually create an original item - clothing, gift, interior item - is a priceless gift. The spinning wheel is a tool for people with this talent. Owners of dogs and cats and simply lovers of knitting can use an electric spinning wheel to turn a ball of wool into a beautiful scarf, vest, or jacket. Clothes made from such wool are good for health and they are very warm!