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Dark blue lamp Minin reflector for light therapy

Dark blue lamp Minin reflector for light therapy
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The efficacy of the blue lamp is provided by the blue spectrum’s unique effect on the human body.  
Long ago people noticed the calming effect of the blue lamp on the human body. Modern technologies made it possible to use the blue spectrum radiation to the maximum giving people health and comfort.
With the help of the blue lamp you can manage a minor cold-related disease within one or two days, or after 2 or 3 radiation sessions.
The blue lamp has an anti-inflammatory, soothing and dissolving effect on skin, reduces the pain syndrome, stabilizes the nervous system activity, relieves stress, reduces edema, increases working capacity and improves immunity. 
The blue lamp can be used for: 
    - treating acute respiratory viral infection;
    - managing minor injuries;
    - treating cold, mild case of flu, rhinitis, cough and other upper respiratory tract diseases.
Besides the therapeutic effect, the blue lamp (the Minin reflector) also has a positive effect on the human body that is as follows:
    - Enhancement of the cellular energy synthesis; 
    - Reduction of blood viscosity; 
    - The haemostatic system regulation; 
    -  Increase of the blood velocity in great vessels;
    - Microcirculation improvement; 
    - Vessel walls strengthening; 
    - Metabolism regulation;
    - Pronounced regenerative effect; 
    - Analgesic effect;
    - Enhancement of the nervous impulse conduction;
    - Improvement of oxygen delivery and uptake of tissues;
    - Improvement of external respiration;
    - Immunomodulatory effect.
An enhanced analogue of the Minin reflector.

Blue Lamp - Reflector for warming the body. Treatment of colds, rhinitis and other diseases. It has a standard size of the reflector. The action of the blue lamp is based on the unique action of the blue spectrum of light on the human body.
Reflectors Blue lamps are shaped mirrored hemispheres of Flawless durable stainless steel. The design of the reflector allows to collect the rays in focus and direct them from the source of light in treating the optical region having a diameter of approximately 5 cm. Luminous flux and contributes to the rapid recovery of the patient.

Specifications Blue lamp : 
- The diameter of the reflector: 180 mm; 
- Lamp bending angle: 60 °; 
- Power Consumption: 60 W; 
- Power supply voltage: 220V;    FOR USA AND CANADA YOU WILL NEED USE CONVERTER 110V to 220V
- Dimensions: 120х140х240;


Working with the blue lamp:

1. Hold the handle of the device, direct the light beam of the lamp an incandescent in the direction you.
2. The temperature of the entire housing and incandescent reflector device can rise above 60 degrees Celsius. Observe the safety precautions to avoid burns from the lamp.
3. All procedures are carried out at a distance of not less than 10 cm.
4. It is recommended to use a blue lamp for 20-30 minutes.
Attention!  Do not look into the lamp for more than one minute.  When the blue lamp warming the nose, you should close your eyes.

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