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SPINOR CEM TECH AK TOM EHF-IR therapy devices oscillators

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Russian scientific company SPINOR exists since 1993 and specializes on creating devices that treat diseases with a help of extremely high frequency waves. Scientists found out that such frequency is normal for a cells communication so influence of high frequency waves can start self-healing processes in our bodies.

About SPINOR therapy

Cem Tech Air -

SPINOR devices are effective in treatment different diseases: problems with joints, cardiovascular system, neurological and gynecological illnesses, diseases of stomach, liver, skin, lungs, infections, prostatitis and impotence and many other problems.

Under the influence of stress and bad environment processes in our cells tend to work worse, but with a help of high frequency waves we can fasten normal processes in our bodies which will make our immune system stronger and able to fight various diseases without pills.

More and more scientists study non-invasive alternative medicine methods, and it causes development of not only SPINOR but also Vitafon, Denas and Scenar devices which also help us to live healthy lives.

SPINOR devices

All SPINOR devices can be divided into 2 groups: medical equipment for treatment and getting rid of vermin and wearable devices to protect our bodies from negative influence of the environment. Kalinka Store offers for sale:

  • SPINOR devices;
  • Cam Tech Air protective bracelets;
  • Cem Tech healing cards;
  • strap holders and additional emitters;
  • cases for devices.

Cem Tech Air is the most universal device. This is a stylish bracelet produced in different colors from modern safe materials. This device reduces the negative influence of electromagnetic fields, decreases pain, stimulates immune system, improves our working ability, makes us more stress-resistant and improves the quality of sleep. You need to wear the device every day, and thank to it stylish appearance it will become a fashionable element of your look.

Each device that we sell has and English manual which will help you to use it correctly. We offer free worldwide delivery and will answer all your questions — just feel free to contact us.