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Rikta -Esmil 1A Low Level Laser therapy portable pain relief immune system support

Rikta -Esmil 1A Low Level Laser therapy portable pain relief immune system support
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Rikta Esmil 1A - portable laser device for home therapy. New device in case.

                         Front panel in Russin 

                                 ( look photo below)

User manual and protocols in English ,German, French are included in the set.

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The video shows the principle of laser therapy.


It showed its high therapeutic properties in the treatment of hundreds of thousands of people with a variety of diseases; from diseases of the musculoskeletal system to urological diseases.

The small size and built-in battery, one charge is enough for 8 hours of continuous medical procedures, allow sessions of laser magnetic infrared therapy in any place convenient for you.

For efficiency and high medical qualities, the device has received the deserved recognition of usual people and doctors-laserologists not only in Russia, but also abroad.

Significant improvements in health are achieved through the simultaneous impact of four basic factors (laser, infrared, red light, magnet).

As a result, the immune system is activated, blood oxygen saturation is increased, biochemical processes are normalized, the process of tissue regeneration is accelerated. In other words, the ability of the body to resist any diseases increases.

It is not recommended to use the device for the treatment of children under 14 years old, as well as the elderly over 80!


 - Pulsed infrared laser radiation

 - Pulsating broadband infrared radiation

 - Pulsating red light

 - Constant magnetic field.



 - The laser magnetic-infrared therapy device RIKTA ESMIL 1A - 1 pc.

 - Protective optical nozzle - 1 pc.

 - AC adapter with power cord - 1 pc.

 - A convenient bag for storing and carrying the device - 1 pc.

 - Detailed methodical manual on the use of the device - 1 pc.

 - Passport and warranty card - 1 pc.


Warranty period: 1 year (from the date of sale).

Age restrictions of patients: Yes (Suitable for patients older than 14 years)

 Construction: Portable.


 - Laser Therapy: Yes
 - Infrared therapy: Yes
 - Magnetotherapy: Yes
 - Light therapy: Yes
 - Electrotherapy: No.

Country of origin: Russia.


Wavelength, nm

  • Laser infrared radiation: 905
  • Broadband infrared radiation: 875
  • Red visible radiation: 640.

  Frequency of repetition of pulses, Hz laser broadband infrared radiation

  • Constant: 5, 50, 1000
  • Variable: 1 - 250
  • Duration of treatment, min: 1; 2; 5
  • Power supply: Stand-alone battery. Charge the battery through the AC adapter.
  • Overall dimensions, mm: 173x55x70
  •   Net weight, kg: 0,25
  •   Electrical safety according to GOST R50267.0-92: Protection class II
  •   Laser safety in accordance with GOST R50723-94: Class 1.

AC adapter

  • Output voltage, V: 13,5
  • Output current, mA: 150.


  • Battery type: internal Li-Ion
  • Continuous operation with a fully charged battery, hours: 8 
  • Charging time, hour: 3.


  • Pulse power of laser radiation, W: 10
  • Average power of infrared diode radiation, mW: 60
  • Average output power of red LEDs, mW: 7
  • The area of the radiator outlet, sq. cm: 4
  • Magnetic induction, mT: 35.

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