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Spinal cord injury

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Spinal cord injury treatment

Spinal injury is commonly termed as spinal cord injury. A spinal injury is extremely complicated issue and may lead toward fatal consequences like permanent Spinal cord injury treatmentdisability, paralysis, or loss of sensation and reflex onsite the injury. Spinal cord injury treatment is a controversial factor and till date scientists and doctors have not managed to produce confirmed result against this treatment process. Other than treatment, coping and rehabilitation process may work well for the victims of spinal injury as this cognitive, psychological process for leading independent and productive life style in post-accident period and these efforts are called spinal cord injury recovery process.

Spine injury can be classified in two main categories like complete injury where all the sensations are lost, and incomplete injury like the victim of injury may fell some sensations onsite the injured spot.
Spell of paralysis from a spine injury is two types: paraplegia and quadriplegia or tetraplegia. Spinal cord injury treatment involves lots of tests in neurological level to understand the completeness level of the injury and according to these tests and results the treatment process in planned and implemented.

Immediate Spinal cord injury treatment keeps focus on some emergency areas like maintaining the breathing ability of the victim, taking measures from prevention of shock, immobilizing the neck of the victim for prevention of further worsening of the injury, and taking measures for avoidance of other complications like stool or urine retention, cardiovascular difficulty, and chance of formation of deep vein blood clots etc.
After having the tests and physical condition evaluation results, Spinal cord injury treatment is planned by administration of medications, immobilizations, and surgical interventions. In this stage of treatment, often certain experimental treatments are conducted, as suggested by the board of doctors, who are attending the patient and planning to improve the motor skill in post- treatment period by following the track of the complete medical history of the concerned injury-victim.

Spinal cord injury recovery process is along-term process and it needs excellent level of perseverance and religious efforts to get back to the normal track of activity. Medications, use of wheelchairs, computer adaptations, electrical stimulation devices, electronic aids for normal daily activities etc are included in post –treatment period as ongoing Spinal cord injury recovery process.

Family support, counseling, and mental stamina of the patient as well as his close relatives are friends work as great impetus for leading an independent life in post-accident period. Positive view of life and a passion to excel over the limitations works as the main thrive in Spinal cord injury recovery process.