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Ritm Scenar professional

Kalinka-store provides you with the opportunity to buy the original SCENAR devices and electrodes.

These devices are manufactured in Russia by OKB RITM. Devices are certified by the standarts of ISO-9001, FDA and CE in Europe.

We provide our customers instructions in English and free warranty for 12 months.

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SCENAR devices were created as a response to the traditional medicamental ways of treatment which are not always effective.

Treatment that can't harm

Professional SCENAR devices

This type of devices is designed for professional use in hospitals and other different medical institutions. If you want to have a SCENAR at home, have a look at models for personal use. We also offer various remote electrodes to let the device effectively work on different parts of your body.

To help the doctor in finding out the root of the problem, professional versions of devices have LCD screen and give doctor a possibility to compare different reactions on stimulation from patient's body. He device will set the perfect intense of stimulation by itself according to biofeedback that it gets from patient's body. If needed, the signal can be modified manually by the doctor.

As the device is small and portable, the doctor can simply put in the pocket and use at any moment when patients need help with pain or feeling of discomfort that various types of diseases can cause. Various remote electrodes will help to use device for treating different diseases.

One of the main benefits from using SCENAR is that it teaches the body how to treat itself so in case of similar problems organs and immune system will “know” what to do to prevent the disease. The impulses produced by SCENAR are absolutely safe for people of all ages — even children and elderly, — and can be used also to treat household animals and pets.

Why Kalinka-store

Kalinka-store offers the best prices for all goods and guarantee that they're originals. All the clients have a unique chance to save money and buy an effective equipment to stay healthy.


  • offers FREE worldwide delivery;
  • provides customers with detailed instructions in English;
  • offers a free warranty for 12 months.

The SCENAR equipment that we sell is certified by ISO, FDA and CE and is absolutely safe to use.

Kalinka. Make the healthy choice.