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Ecosvet home therapy device for ultraviolet blood irradiation (UVBI)

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Ecosvet  home therapy device for ultraviolet blood irradiation (UVBI)

Biomolecular mechanisms of action of ultraviolet blood irradiation (UFOK)
UFOK is a method of influencing the blood with quanta of light from the ultraviolet part of the spectrum. The method has been used in medicine for over 80 years.
The biological effect of ultraviolet radiation (UVR) is due to the ability of the molecules of substances that make up the cells of living organisms to absorb radiation quanta and, as a result, to be involved in various photochemical reactions that change their structure and functions. The mechanism of action of irradiated blood on a person is complex and diverse. Until now, there is no unified theory about the effect of UVR on the human body, along with this, scientists have proved that under the influence of UVR, the bactericidal activity of blood and inactivated toxic substances and enzymes is sharply increased by their oxidation. At the second stage, the function of blood cells is activated in the irradiated blood and they release a large number of nonspecific factors of immunity. Under the influence of quantum energy, new surfactants are formed on the surface of erythrocytes, which change the electric charge on the membrane, which reduces the viscosity of the blood and increases its oxygen capacity.
In the therapeutic effect of UFOK, a certain place belongs to the restructuring of the body’s immune system. A good clinical effect of the use of UFOA is associated with the improvement of microcirculation by reducing the viscosity of the blood, as well as with the cleaning of blood vessels from fibrin deposits, which causes an increase in the speed of peripheral blood flow and improves the supply of oxygen to tissues.
The most important effects of UFOK include its bactericidal effect. Acting on some substances of the bacterial cell, ultraviolet rays have a bactericidal effect on the patient’s blood. It has been established that the bactericidal effect of photomodified blood is much similar to that of antibiotics.