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Nootropic products which are sometimes called smart drug are remedies which improve the work of our brain and help us study and work more effective, make a learning process easier and a memory much stronger.

The term “nootrop” was first used in 1972 to describe the influence of Piracetam on nervous system. The word comes from Greek language and means “mind” and “turn”. Piracetam was discovered in 1963 be Belgium scientist who noticed its ability to increase the mind's efficiency just as psychostimulants do, but without side effects.

How does it work

There are several processes which cause the use of nootropics:

  • the improvement of the energy state of neurons;
  • activation of plastic processes in the CNS by increased synthesis of RNA and proteins;
  • strengthening the processes of synaptic transmission in the central nervous system;
  • improvement in glucose utilization;
  • membrane stabilizing effect.

The core principle of nootrops lays in improvement of metabolic and bioenergetic processes in cells. It improves the micro circulation in brain and fastens its work.

Positive effects of nootrop use

Nootrops are known for improving memory, attention and ability to learn, but they also have other effects:

  • invigorating effect — it helps to get rid of oppression;
  • sedative effect — lowering the irritability and emotional excitability;
  • light antidepressant effect.

It is also considered as an effective mean to prevent stroke.

Nootrops can be produced in different forms: pills, nasal drops, liquids. The sometimes have various vitamins in their composition to strengthen the main active substance. The dosage and frequency of use may vary, and they are described in drug recipes which we translated for you. You can find all the instructions on drug's page. If something remains unclear, please feel free to contact us and ask questions.

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