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Immunity-Boosting Products

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A healthy gut with sufficient healthy bacteria is essential for a strong immune system.

Many people rely solely on probiotics, not realizing that sea buckthorn has some serious gut repairing properties. In fact, sea buckthorn has been shown to increase mucosal repair in the gut, speed up wound healing and inhibit gastric liquid that can damage the intestinal lining.

A healthy digestive system means a calm, soothed stomach, a lower risk of ulcers and, of course, a healthy immune system.


Inflammation wreaks havoc in the body and can wear down immune function quite quickly, just notice how you always seem to catch that cold when under stress or after too many takeouts.

The rich omega 7 content in sea buckthorn is a known powerful anti-inflammatory that can help reduce inflammation throughout the body. 

The way you feel is always a good indicator of how well your immune system is functioning, fatigue and chronic stomach issues are just two symptoms showing that your immunity may not be at its best.

When you introduce sea buckthorn into your routine, you’ll feel like a whole new person as inflammation is reduced and your energy levels become better than ever before.


The powerful antioxidants in sea buckthorn make it a winner for boosting immunity. Why? Because it targets damaging free radicals in the body, designed to decrease immunity and cause cell damage.

A healthy immune system also means a lower incidence of various diseases, who would turn something like this down?

To sum it up in one sentence: your immune system can only fight off illness if it's strong, and it can only be as strong as what you feed it.



SIBERIAN PINE NUT OIL - IMMUNE SUPPORT: Pine nut oil is pressed from the kernels of several species of pine. Oil from some varieties of pine are more commonly used for cooking, while oils pressed from Siberian and Korean pine kernels have been used as nutritional supplements. SIBERIAN PINE NUT OIL - IMMUNE SUPPORT is rich in antioxidants and pinolenic acid, an unsaturated fatty acid found exclusively in pine nut oil.


·                 ANTIOXIDANT IMMUNE BOOSTER: According to a 2008 study published in the journal Food Chemistry, pine nut oil contains antioxidants which    are believed to fight off free radicals in the body. The University of Maryland states that antioxidants potentially prevent free radicals and oxidation damaging.

· APPETITE SUPPRESSANT FAT BLOCKER: The study found that SIBERIAN PINE NUT OIL - IMMUNE SUPPORT acted as an appetite suppressant when administered to women who were both post-menopausal and clinically overweight. This study concluded that pine nut oil could work to reduce overall food intake through increasing so-called satiety compounds which communicate a sense of physical fullness to the individual.

· ENERGY SUPPLEMENTS FOR WOMEN WITH FATIGUE: Pine nuts contain nutrients that can be helpful for boosting energy level, including monounsaturated fat, protein and iron. Pine nuts are also a good source of magnesium, low levels of which can lead to fatigue. One-half cup of pine nuts provides nearly half of the daily recommended amount of magnesium, which is a benefit in itself since so many Americans are deficient.

 Our bodies and everything around us naturally produce electromagnetic fields or in short, EMF.

These naturally occurring EMF’s that we already have in our bodies and everything around us help regulate many processes in our bodies.

Science even suggests that every cell in our body has it’s own EMF.

However, these fields are low intensity and not harmful, they are naturally occurring.

With the ever growing use of technology, we are constantly being exposed to more intense electromagnetic fields which can cause health risks and side effects.

Basically if you live anywhere near power lines or cell phone service, you are being exposed to artificial electromagnetic fields.

These EMF’s can effect any system in your body and can effect hormones, immune system, sleep cycles, stress levels and even your DNA.

Many studies have shown that EMF radiation can even cause cancer and infertility.

This may seem discouraging since we are surrounded by technology everywhere we go, but here we offer  some products that you can use to help lessen your exposure to EMF’s.