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Rikta -Esmil 2A -03 Low Level Laser Therapy Red IR laser magnetic field TENS + Blue light New professional model

Rikta -Esmil 2A -03 Low Level Laser Therapy   Red IR laser magnetic field  TENS  + Blue light  New professional model
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RIKTA-ESMIL (2A)-03 is a new professional model from the RIKTA-ESMIL family of portable laser therapeutic devices.

Its difference from the portable models of previous generations is the increased power of laser radiation (45 W per pulse) and the presence of an additional factor - blue light.

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Portable device for laser therapy. It has increased power, has 6 healing factors.

Pulsed infrared laser radiation

Pulsating broadband infrared radiation

Pulsating red light

Pulsating blue light

Permanent magnetic field

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (electrotherapy)


             Pulsating red light                                                                    Pulsating blue light

Suitable for professional and home use.

The device is used for muscle pain, injuries, contractures, joint diseases and other chronic ailments.

The technology of neuroadaptive transcutaneous electrical stimulation RIKTA-TENS in combination with a powerful laser effect allows you to achieve a quick analgesic effect.

The principle of operation of the laser therapy device RIKTA-ESMIL (2a)-03 is concluded in a multiwave combination of radiation:

infrared radiation;

therapeutic laser;

red and blue light;

a magnetic field.

This combination is more effective than conventional laser therapy.

The use of the device has no age restrictions, it can be used for children from birth and for the elderly. It is safe for doctor and patient.

After the therapy, blood circulation and metabolic processes in tissues improve, hypoxia decreases, and inflammatory processes stop.


Device for laser magnetic-infrared therapy RIKTA ESMIL 2A-03 - 1 pc.

Network adapter with power cord - 1 pc.

Convenient bag for storing and transporting the device and accessories - 1 pc.

Detailed russian  manual on the use of the device - 1 pc.

Passport and warranty card - 1 pc.

Front panel of device in english as in photo. 


              On the image:

Apparatus on the front side and on the side of the radiating window, additionally an optical attachment*.

1. laser radiation frequency indicators: 5 Hz - 5 Hz, 50 Hz - 50 Hz, 1000 Hz -1000 Hz, VAR - variable frequency;

2.before starting the procedure: button for setting the button for setting the frequency of laser radiation / during the procedure: switching the light - red / blue (when TENS is not working) / decreasing the intensity of TENS (when TENS is working);

3."TENS" - TENS therapy mode indicator;

4.turning the device on/off (long press) or starting/stopping the procedure (short press);

5.symbol for the presence of laser radiation

6."battery" - battery charging indicator; button for setting the duration of the treatment procedure / during the operation of the device - to increase the voltage on the electrodes;

7.indicators of the duration of the treatment procedure: 1min - 1 minute, 2 min - 2 minutes, 5 min - 5 minutes;

8.before starting the procedure: button for setting the exposure time of the treatment / during the procedure: increasing the intensity of TENS;

9.connector for connecting the charger;

10.radiating window, the location of the optical attachment;



Power supply alternating current mains: 50 Hz, 220V (-10%, +10%) or 230V (-10%, +6%).

if you live inUSA, Canada, Japan,  Korea, Mexica , Saudi Arabia you will be need adapter.

 You will need to convert  voltage from 110 V AC to 220-240 V AC

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