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Men's health - prostatitis ,erectile dysfunction

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Prostatitis is an illness which is caused by prostate gland inflammation. According to survey, prostatitis is diagnosed for 8% of men who visit urologist. This disease can affect men of all ages, even the youngest.

Prostatitis: basic information you need to know

Prostatitis treatment -

Scientists can't tell how exactly does the prostatitis bacteria get into prostate. The main symptoms of this disease are problems with urinating: higher frequency of urinating, fever and chills, pain. Sometimes people suffering from these disease can find blood in the urine or feel pain while ejaculation, and sometimes prostatitis doesn't bring any symptoms. If you have any of these symptoms, don't hesitate to contact your doctor.

The diagnosis include digital rectal exam and some additional research if needed — biopsy, prostate fluid analysis etc. The treatment depends on type and stage of disease and mostly includes anti-inflammatory drugs, warm baths, antibiotics, muscle relaxants and pain relievers. In the most difficult cases doctor may recommend surgical removal of the infected area.

Kalinka store wants to offer safe and painless alternative to traditional treatment — alternative medicine devices for prostatitits treatment.

Effective treatment of prostatitis

The most universal choice is SCENAR healing shorts — they not only help to fight prostatitis but are also effective in reducing post-traumatic pain, prevent diseases and improve the general condition of a body. Consider also vibroacoustic devices like Vitafon T — such equipment can be used for healing all the family and preventing health issues.

For more serious stages of prostatitis we recommend to buy specialized devices like MAVIT, PROSTAM or Silver pills, designed especially for treating prostatitis. They work in different ways but each of them bring good results and recovery.

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