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Rikta Сold laser quantum therapy devices and accessories

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    Rikta Laser - Return you  youthful  and make your life longer

Health is our greatest resource. This becomes especially clear when the disease catches us so suddenly, when the pain is keeping us awake at night, when trauma restricts our movements. For years to come we want to keep strength and flexibility, a healthy spine, good eyesight, thick hair and a face with no wrinkles. We want to help our families and save them from the pain and discomfort, to help elderly parents who suffer from joint pain. Children who were injured when playing football or if they have pain in the elbows after playing tennis.
We constantly have health problems that require urgent solutions - toothache, insomnia, back pain, youthful acne, hair loss, knee pain, recovery from surgery, stomach problems, overweight, varicose veins ... and this list can be continued.
What is quantum therapy?

Yes, medicine does not stand still and offers us new effective medicines. We always have access to painkillers. But no pill is perfect for all diseases.
A pill with no side effects. A pill available without a prescription at any time of the day, always at your hand. 
Quantum medicine is the field of science using the latest achievements of quantum physics, biophysics, medicine and new technologies. It is not based on chemicals, but on the use of biostimulating electromagnetic radiation and fields of very small levels, that are safe for the body.  Quantum therapy eliminates the cause of the disease rather than symptoms
Quantum Therapy devices Rikta can be used both for home therapy, as well as for professional use.

What’s cold laser therapy (LLLT)?
In the US and Europe, quantum therapy devices are commonly called COLD LASER or LOW LEVER LASER THERAPHY (LLLT) devices
Cold laser therapy is low-intensity laser therapy stimulating healing while using low levels of light.
This technique is called “cold laser therapy” as the low levels of light aren’t enough to heat your body’s tissue. The level of light is low compared to other forms of laser therapy, such as those used to destroy tumors and coagulate tissue.
Surgical and aesthetic lasers heat the tissue during the treatment. True to its name, cold laser therapy doesn’t have the warmth effect.
Cold laser therapy is also known as:
Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)
Low-Power Laser Therapy (LPLT)
Soft Laser Biostimulation

How do Rikta devices operate?
Rikta devices have a multifactorial nature of the impact of several electromagnetic and light radiation: laser, infrared, red light and magnetic field!
Penetrates deep into the tissues, up to 13-15 cm, has a powerful stimulating effect on the cellular membrane metabolism, blood circulation. Wavelength: 905 nm Average dose: 12 W per pulse
Clinical effect: activated protein synthesis (RNA, DNA), increased enzyme activity, improved microcirculation, anti-inflammatory effect, anti-edema, analgesic effect, etc.
Has a greater spectral latitude, but smaller than the laser, the depth of penetration into the tissue.
Clinical effect: activation of microcirculation, heating of tissue structures of surface layers.
Penetrating the relatively shallow depth, it has a beneficial effect, reducing the intensity of the inflammatory processes.
Clinical effect: improvement of microcirculation in the affected area, anti-edema effect, local anesthesia.
Under the action of PMF, the capillary channel extends. The vasodilatory effect persists after a single exposure for one to six days. And after the course of treatment the effect lasts thirty to forty-five days. Enhances the penetration of laser radiation into tissues.
Clinical effect: anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects, analgesia.

Which device should I choose?
We would like to bring to your attention the portable battery-powered devices - Rikta Esmil 1A and Rikta Esmil 2 A, that are presented on our website.  They are great for home therapy, but they are not recommended for children under 14 years and for people over 80 years.
Rikta Esmil 2  A has a function of TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and provides a fast analgesic effect.
Rikta 04/4 Devices are the desktop devices. They have a wider range of therapeutic possibilities due to the fact that they can be completed with different emitters in accordance with your needs.
How does it feel during the procedure? - nothing unusual, only some mild sensation of warmth

Is quantum therapy popular in different countries?
Rikta devices are recognized worldwide. They are manufactured since 1991 and are available in different countries of the world - the United States, Europe, Africa, Israel and Asian countries or manufactured there under license for other brands.
How to use the device? Is it complicated?
Rikta Esmil 1A and Rikta Esmil 2A are the devices for home therapy, they do not require special training and are very easy to use. You will receive instructions and recommendations in English, German and French.
Rikta 04/4 devices can be used both at home and also for professional purposes.
They are also provided with all the necessary teaching materials.
Options for individual orders
Please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately if on the website you do not see Rikta 04/4 equipped as you need. We will provide you with the necessary emitters and accessories.
How much does it cost to ship it to my country?
EMS Express Delivery around the world is free for you
How fast it can be delivered?
We will send your order as EMS Express Delivery within 1-2 days after payment. You will receive it within 5-10 days.
Payment of customs duties
Different countries have different limits for the customs duties. Customs clearance is the responsibility of the buyer.  But we are ready to consider all possible options and do everything necessary on our part so that you can avoid problems when receiving the order.
How can I pay for the order?  You can pay it in any way convenient for you, via PayPal, bank transfer or other
What if the device breaks down?
Free warranty service 12 months from the date of sale. At the expiration of the warranty period, we still continue to help customers with the repair of our devices, if necessary.
Devices for animals Rikta Vet, will they help my pet?
Pets can also get sick and suffer, like their masters. Our devices for animals is a great opportunity to help your pets and save on visits to the vet.
Can I use the same device for me and for my cat (dog)?
No, this is not recommended. Animals have a different metabolism, they usually weigh much less than humans and therefore, considering all these peculiarities, we created a special Rikta Vet device.
All recommendations for the use of the device for animals in English are included in the package