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Vitafon - vibroacoustic devices

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Vitafon devices are created to fight and prevent inflammatory and traumatic diseases. The use of this device is absolutely safe which was proved during 18 years of medical observation and more than 45 researches.

About Vitafon

The work of Vitafon is based on vibrosoundtouch effect. Our bodies lack micro vibration, which is responsible for transporting useful materials through our veins and capillaries, and vibrosoundtouch helps veins to do their work better. This is a kind of massage on cellular level. The most effect from Vitafon you can get when using it on a regular basis. The devices are designed for domestic use and are so easy to use that even elderly won't have problems using it.

The device have main electronic control unit and several converters that should be put on a places which require treatment. To get benefits from using devices, you don't need to have any special skills.

When should you use it

These devices are used to treat several dozens of various diseases. They are effective in:

  • improving lymphatic drainage and removal of edema;
  • improving capillary blood flow and feeding of cells that are far away from capillaries;
  • accelerating the cleaning of tissues from toxins;
  • increasing the immune system effectiveness;
  • improving the regenerating processes in whole body.

Each disease requires its frequency of micro vibration, and Vitafon can work on all frequencies needed for treatment. Thought these devices are absolutely safe, we recommend avoid using it during pregnancy, while having high temperature and placing electrodes near the heart or on the parts of the body with thrombophlebitis.

Such devices can be a perfect present for all members of the family, no matter of age. They will serve you for long and help in fighting various diseases. This is also a perfect tool that will help you to save your money — you'll save on pills and reduce quantity of ineffective days when you can't work.