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High frequency units- Violet Ray- D'Arsonval devices

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Violet high frequency devices which you can find on this page are a must have devices for each family. They help to treat various diseases or prevent their emergence and are extremely effective in different cosmetology procedures.

About darsonvalization method

The darsonval treatment method was first discovered in 1891 by French physicist Jacques d'Arsonval. This healing method uses high frequency impulses to treat human body locally or in general. This method is widely used in:

  • cosmetology;
  • sport medicine;
  • home self-treatment;
  • in hospitals and family medicine.

For darsonvalization method are used glass electrodes with vacuum inside and the electronic device itself. This method perfectly cleans the skin, normalizes blood circulation, increases general muscle tone and helps the medicine or healing cosmetics penetrate more deeply into the skin.

Darsonval devices from Kalinka store

We sell darsonval devices produced in Ukraine and manufactured under “Corona” trademark. These devices are reasonably priced and highly effective for both professional and home use. “Corona” device should work for no longer than 20 minutes with 10 minutes breaks. You can set the temperature of heating — be careful with this option to prevent burns.

Basic set of electrodes include three of them: mushroom-shaped for skin treatment, straight for inner use (for example, to treat soar throat) and comb for hair treatment. We also offer for sale additional electrodes for ears, nose, shin, neck, teeth, vaginal and rectal electrodes. You can buy them separately or choose a full set of them together with the device — this option is cheaper, and you will get your device in comfortable for transportation and storage bag.

Kalinka store specializes in offering safe medicine and equipment for treating various diseases. We sell SCENAR and DENAS therapy devices, organic oils, natural Russian cosmetics and many other things that will help you to stay healthy or cure diseases.

Kalinka store: everything you need to stay healthy.