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Tracheitis treatment

Tracheitis is a kind of bacterial infection which affects trachea, which is commonly known as windpipe in our health respiratory system. The problem of Tracheitis is Tracheitis treatmenta common kind of infection caused by accumulation of bacteria in tracheal tube causing acute obstruction in the airway. This bacterial infection is quite common in children and can cause immense discomfort and pain. Immediate intervention about Tracheitis is important otherwise physical condition of the patient may become worse. This disease is also known as Bacterial tracheitis, or acute bacterial tracheitis.
Apart from acute problems of respirations, high fever, deep cough, and high-pitched wheezing sound are all common symptoms of Tracheitis.

The prognosis is easier to perform. Physicians, in general, check the infected children lungs and try to find if there is any sign of intercostals retractions. Tests which are essential to diagnose the infection of tracheitis include a wide array of tests like blood oxygen level, Tracheal culture for detection of bacteria, x-ray of tracheal tube, and Nasopharyngeal culture for the categorization of bacteria.

Tracheitis treatment is complicated and often needs constant monitoring to track the well being and physical condition of the patient. The patients receive the medicines via vein and oxygen; an external tube often placed on the airways of the patient so that it can help his breathing. The tube is called endotracheal tube.

Tracheitis treatment has different aspects which spans treatment for airways and intravenous access and medication.
Tracheitis treatment of airways consists of primary maintenance of airways and use of intubation method if this complicated intervention is demanded by the situation. Another part of tracheitis treatment is the process of Intravenous access and medication. This part of treatment is done when airways are stabilized and initiation of antibiotics can be accessed through intravenous procedure.
In case of severe blockage to trachea surgical intervention is often suggested. The surgical process which clears up the obstruction in tracheal tube is called Tracheostomy. However, unless serious narrowing and scarring of airways is not observed in the patient, surgical intervention is hardly recommended. Often the patient is treated with additional pulmonary toilet treatment process to support the recovery process of tracheostomy.

Tracheitis is an emergency medical condition and demand immediate medical intervention. If your child has a medical history of upper respiratory infection recently accompanied by high fever, high cough problem, and acute breathing difficulty, you should contact nearest health care center for appropriate medical intervention.