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Cem Tech green head additional emitter №2 for CEM TECH

Cem Tech green  head additional emitter №2   for CEM TECH
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Product directly from the manufacturer SPINOR company

GREEN additional irradiation head for the CEM TECH SPINOR  AK TOM

52 - 57 gHz, (5,769 - 5,263 mm)

The Green head corresponding to resonance frequencies of lymphatic system:

  • improve lymph dynamics
  • improve lymphocytes quality
  • hastenconclusion of toxins from intercellular liquid
  • hasten healing of wounds, promote to regeneration of tissues
  • promote to detoxication of organism
  • has anti-edema action
  • apply marked anesthetic effect
  • has immunomodulatory action
  • has antiphlogistic effect
  • further to resolution of hems
  • activate of marrow function
  • increase of immunity

Apply for:

  • ablution of water
  • for acceleration of wounds regeneration including after surgery, for treatment of fractures
  • for normalize blood formula after chemotherapy and radio-therapy
  • for rehabilitation after hard diseases and exercise stresses
  • for normalize immunity at acute and chronical diseases
  • for normalize of lymphatic outflow at lymphostasis any genesis including inflammatory processes
  • in cosmetology for improve a drainage function of skin
  • for removal any intocsication

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