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Cem Tech yellow head additional emitter № 4 for CEM TECH

Cem Tech yellow head additional emitter № 4  for CEM TECH
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Product directly from the manufacturer SPINOR company

YELLOW additional irradiating head for the CEM TECH -SPINOR- AK TOM

42 - 100 gHz, 7,1 - 3 mm

Oscillator EHF (extremely high frequencies) NOISE for therapy by background resonance radiation (BRR).

Yellow irradiation head is universal. It can be use as any color head:

  • override all EHF range — Hann's broadband noise spectrum
  • take effective influence to all organism systems
  • can be use in common with any color irradiation head by synchronous work on two channels
  • yellow irradiation head can replace any color head
  • structure of drinking water that allow to make healthy and rejuvenate organism


Reumatoid Artritis.

The  cEM TECH device could be used to cure rheumatoid arthritis and to decrease the pain un complex with a standard therapy

Effects yellow emitter CEM TECH   in the EHF mode (mode 3) within 10 minutes on the area of greatest pain. This procedure can be performed during the day three times (for a total of 30 minutes per day).

 After the procedure to enable mode 2 for 1 minute, then disconnect the radiator from the  CEM TECH  device and leave it up to the next procedure, securing plaster or bandage. You could repeat the procedure several hours later. During exacerbation make it repeatedly during a day.


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