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Cem Tech set of 4 color emitters - red green blue yellow

Cem Tech  set of 4 color emitters - red green blue yellow
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           Product directly from the manufacturer SPINOR company      

                      Set of 4 emitters - red, green, yellow and blue



                                       Set of 4 emitters - #1 #2 #3  #4

                    green, blue, red and yellow

№1 RED additional irradiation head for the CEM TECH -   SPINOR  - AK TOM

40 - 43 gHz (7,5 - 6,977 mm)

RED irradiation head correspond to resonance frequency of blood:

  • improve of blood microcirculation
  • reduce tissue hypoxia, increase saturation of tissues by oxygen in 4-6 times
  • remove agglutination of red blood cellsand others blood cells, reduce blood tenacity
  • hasten healing of wounds
  • further to resolution of hems
  • has anesthetic effect
  • further to detoxication of organism
  • further to ripening of stem cells
  • has spasmolytic effect
  • improve hematosis, normalize of blood formula
  • has rejuvenescence effect


  • to increase endurance and concentration of attention in conditions of highphysical and intellectual activity
  • for prophylaxis of strokes and infarcts
  • for acceleration regeneration of wounds include postoperative, for treatment of fractures
  • to normalize of blood formula after chemotherapy and radio-therapy.
  • in cosmetology for improve of skin nutrition
  • for improvement of cerebral blood flow
  • for complex treatment of stresses and chronic fatigue syndrome

№ 2 GREEN additional irradiation head for the CEM TECH SPINOR  AK TOM

52 - 57 gHz, (5,769 - 5,263 mm)

The Green head corresponding to resonance frequencies of lymphatic system:

  • improve lymph dynamics
  • improve lymphocytes quality
  • hastenconclusion of toxins from intercellular liquid
  • hasten healing of wounds, promote to regeneration of tissues
  • promote to detoxication of organism
  • has anti-edema action
  • apply marked anesthetic effect
  • has immunomodulatory action
  • has antiphlogistic effect
  • further to resolution of hems
  • activate of marrow function
  • increase of immunity

Apply for:

  • ablution of water
  • for acceleration of wounds regeneration including after surgery, for treatment of fractures
  • for normalize blood formula after chemotherapy and radio-therapy
  • for rehabilitation after hard diseases and exercise stresses
  • for normalize immunity at acute and chronical diseases
  • for normalize of lymphatic outflow at lymphostasis any genesis including inflammatory processes
  • in cosmetology for improve a drainage function of skin
  • for removal any intocsication

 № 3 BLUE aditional irradiation head for the CEM TECH  Spinor AK TOM

57 - 63 gHz, (5,263 - 4,762 mm)

The Blue head corresponding to resonance frequencies of endocrine system:

  • restore of endocrine glands structure
  • further to restore hormone glands
  • restore central, peripheral and vegetative nervous systems
  • improve conductivity of nervous impulse in nerves
  • further to regeneration of nervous system cells
  • improve blood flow characteristics
  • has immunomodulatory action
  • has rejuvenate effect

Apply for:

  • complex treatment of endocrine and nervous systems
  • neurologic practice
  • treatment of allergy
  • complex treatment of varicosity
  • treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome
  • treatment of climacteric (menopausal) syndrome
  • complex treatment of autoimmune disorders
  • correction of mineral calcium metabolism

 № 4 YELLOW additional irradiating head for the CEM TECH -SPINOR- AK TOM

42 - 100 gHz, 7,1 - 3 mm

Oscillator EHF (extremely high frequencies) NOISE for therapy by background resonance radiation (BRR).

Yellow irradiation head is universal. It can be use as any color head:

  • override all EHF range — Hann's broadband noise spectrum
  • take effective influence to all organism systems
  • can be use in common with any color irradiation head by synchronous work on two channels
  • yellow irradiation head can replace any color head
  • structure of drinking water that allow to make healthy and rejuvenate organism


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