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Cem Tech blue head additional emitter № 3 for CEM TECH

Cem Tech blue head additional emitter  № 3  for CEM TECH
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                       Product directly from the manufacturer SPINOR company

BLUE aditional irradiation head for the CEM TECH  Spinor AK TOM

57 - 63 gHz, (5,263 - 4,762 mm)

The Blue head corresponding to resonance frequencies of endocrine system:

  • restore of endocrine glands structure
  • further to restore hormone glands
  • restore central, peripheral and vegetative nervous systems
  • improve conductivity of nervous impulse in nerves
  • further to regeneration of nervous system cells
  • improve blood flow characteristics
  • has immunomodulatory action
  • has rejuvenate effect

Apply for:

  • complex treatment of endocrine and nervous systems
  • neurologic practice
  • treatment of allergy
  • complex treatment of varicosity
  • treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome
  • treatment of climacteric (menopausal) syndrome
  • complex treatment of autoimmune disorders
  • correction of mineral calcium metabolism


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