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Massage Therapy Tools

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Massage is a therapy method known for centuries. Millions of people from all over the world discover the unbelievable healing and relaxing effect that it can give.

Types of massage

Types of massage

There are several dozens types and methods of massage, including both manual and made with a help of special tools like vacuum massager types. Each part of our beautiful planet has it's own type of massage that was developed for centuries, and its development depended from the region. For example, traditional Asian massages are believed not only to help a body, but also to release or redirect the flows of inner energy.

The masseur can work with all the body or only particular parts of it — head, legs, arms, neck or eyes. Some types of massage require use of special equipment: hot and cold stones, bamboo sticks, massage oils, herbs or leaves like in Hilot massage practised in Philippines and many other. The person who receives massage can wear underwear, swimsuit or special clothes that some types of massage require (for example, Thai massage).

All over the world hydromassage is becoming more and more popular. It is a useful tool in fighting cellulite and a perfect way to relax — the water is known for its great relaxing effect. In Russia for many ages glass cups vacuum massage is very popular. It helps to reduce cellulite and improve condition of skin.

Why is massage useful for you

Everybody know that this amazing therapy tool is useful for muscle system, skin, skeletal and blood circulation systems. But the massage will also serve you a good service because it:

  • reduces muscle pain — especially useful for athletes;
  • helps to fight depression and improves the mood;
  • relieves from headaches;
  • improves the sleep and is useful in fighting insomnia;
  • is good in boosting immunity.

Massage is a must for people who lead a sitting lifestyle, especially those who don't have enough tome to do sports. For people after serious injuries doctors usually recommend to take a course of medic massage. There is also a special pediatric massage for newborns.

No matter what is your age or health condition — there is a perfect massaging method for everyone. So just choose the one and start improving your life.