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Lyapko Acupuncture Massagers

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Accuppressure practice is very similar to acupuncture — it is also based on pressing particular points of human body to get a healing effect. This type of massage is widely used in China and other countries of Asia.

Acupressure main principles

Lyapko Acupressure Applicators

Acupressure study believes that there are several meridians that go throw our body, and life energy flows on them. On the way of each of them there are points, stimulating which can help in releasing life energy qi and rebalancing ying and yang which brings recovery and improves work of all systems of the body. The pressure on points can be made with a help of fingers or special devices.

The points that need to be stimulated don't have to be at that place where person feels pain — traditional Chinese medicine thinks they should be located on the particular meridian. Someone believe that regular stimulation of this points is useful to prevent many diseases. Acupressure principles are widely used in martial arts — pressing particular points is believed to be effective in self-defence and manipulating the opponent.

About Lyapko applicators

Lyapko applicators were invented to let everyone get benefits from acupressure at home, without spending a fortune for massage sessions. All kinds of applicators have protuberances that massage the needed point without penetrating the skin. You can choose from:

  • massage belts and carpets;
  • dermarollers;
  • facial applicators;
  • massage balls.

The applicators can be used for different areas of the body, including face, back, arms and legs. Most of them are extremely effective in reducing pain (there is even a special anti pain massage belt). These massage tools can be used not only for treating but also as a preventive procedure. Also, they're really effective in increasing work effectiveness. Try using them with hydromassagers to always feel fresh and healthy.

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