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Anti cellulite shower hydromassager Little spa saloon in your own home

Anti cellulite shower hydromassager  Little spa saloon in your own home
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It is the only shower, which creates jets that meet your body with the highest speed.

It is - only to give - gives you the right massage of the water. Them the services of massage therapists will NEVER be required.

You have your masseur trouble in their own bathroom!

The unique rays penetrate into the standing water, but they will not dissolve in it, but forcing create turbulence and the standing water in their movements. There are not only new sensations, but also a hydro-massage effect!

It is the only shower that arise when the rays of the water in a collision with an obstacle, the dust cloud of the

water - like next to a large waterfall. Not only the rays of the water give treat, but also the air with the

 the negative ion , as in the best resorts. The home is accessible to any hydrotherapy.

 The shower is not only the pleasure, it is a taste of health. The wonderful energy of the water washes away the   bad mood and help from the daily stress of being cured. Man makes her feel fresh and healthy.

It is VERY SIMPLE: Replace the shower We usually through the hydro massage shower Alexeevs "and make the

healing self massage every time you go into the shower!

The only device for home hydrotherapy can can use in every home, it is small, but powerful element of the spa in your bathroom!      


During the creation of the hydro massager Alecseev shower was used a new technology of making venting apertures.
An exclusive feature of the Alekseev Shower is a special conoidal form of nozzles (not cylindrical, like any other common shower, and not conical, but a special calculated one, with a complex geometry). Inlet diameter is 5 mm, outlet diameter is 0,60,8 mm.

They are ideal transformers of water pressure energy (in a water supply system) into a kinetic energy of the jet, which flows from the shower.
Water jets of submilimeter size and special "behavior" are shaped. They do not impregnate with the air on the distance of 50 sm.

 And after that they transform into microscopical drop structures (they continue moving as jets for 35 m.), which make a dot massage effect. The Alekseev Shower gives You not only a hydro massage but also a hydro puncture.
There is no vibration (there is just no device for it) so the skin does not distend, in addition it restores and becomes younger, because of improvement of the blood circulation. In letters, which we receive, it is said that distensions, cellulitis and vascular web disappear. That is theoretically and practically impossible to create more effective device for hydro massage.
This with a special technology of making nozzles is the point of Alekseev invention. Therapy without hydrotherapy is an enfeeble therapy, which hides its impotence underneath a large mountain of poisonous and useless drugs.
 Alekseev Shower- is ideal hydromassager.

Changing the pressure of water You will get a wide range of influence from a careful tingle to a powerful massage.
The Alekseev Shower is a real private doctor.

It will redeem you from





 vegetative dystonia

and many other illnesses, which are combined with stress, distress, and hypodinamia.



 At varicose water evening procedures are very useful - a hydromassage and contrast showers. They promote narrowing of a gleam of veins by shrinking muscle elements of a venous wall.

the Alekseev Shower saves Your money. You will not need any expensive procedures at physiotherapist. In addition (if You have a water counter) you can save more water using even the most powerful massage. 

Water charge
(liter per minute)
Common Shower
“The Alekseev Shower”
19 nozzles
Maximal power 13 7
Common Shower mode 10 2

 The Alekseev Shower is your house assistant. With help of powerful water flow You can wash the most complex pollutions.

 Buying portative massaging set the Alekseev Shower you get:
Water jet tonic spicular hydromassage a grid with 19 apertures powerful and thin jets no analogues.
Water jet spouting abirritated hydromassage a grid with 61 apertures petty and frequent jets, which create a water flow, analogues to Sharco Shower

Underwater massage a special softness and amenity of influence + quick effect (most useful and recommended for pregnant and aged women).

Высокая кинетическая энергия струй из душа Алексеева производит мощное массажное проминающее воздействие, которое вызывает покраснение кожи независимо от температуры воды - сосудистую реакцию (гиперемию).



 Portative massage set the Alekseev Shower Is made of certificated, expensive and very durable plastic from Bayer AG (Germany). It is produced only by LLC "Roxolana".

Compatible with any water mixer (it has special transistor). You need only to unscrew your old shower can and to screw the Alekseev Shower. Force and comfort of influence is easily adjusted by a pressure of water


Medical aspects: 

- What is the difference between «Dush Alekseeva» (the Alekseev Shower) and other shower attachments?

    The difference is very big! There are simply no analogues to our hydromassager in the whole world. The most devices, that we know (hydromassagers from Germany, Italy etc) form the jets by rubber insets. Because of that water spouts a little bit more intensive. Moreover, construction of such devices provides a couple of modes (changing the number and position of outlet nozzles, using the switcher). Surely, all this is much better then a common shower and makes some kind of massaging effect, but such effect is incomparable to influence of «Dush Alekseeva» (the Alekseev Shower).
    An exclusive feature of «Dush Alekseeva» (the Alekseev Shower) is a special conoidal form of nozzles (not cylindrical, like any other common shower, and not conical, but a special calculated one, with a complex geometry). Inlet diameter is 5 mm, outlet diameter is 0,6–0,8 mm. They are ideal transformers of water pressure energy (in a water supply system) into a kinetic energy of the jet, which flows from the shower. A special technology of making nozzles is the point of Alekseev invention.
    You might have seen how far and powerful spouts water from the fire-hose. Now imagine how flows of small thorny jets spout out of the plenty of micro fire-hoses (nozzles of «Dush Alekseeva» (the Alekseev Shower)) and by normal water pressure they move strictly horizontally for 3-5 meters, instead of dispersing and changing their destination. Water, which ensues from the nozzle, is a drop-like flow with a large amount of kinetic energy. Drops are tightly packed and look like an ideal powerful jet. Touching the skin surface they make an effect of a frequent dot influence. That's why Alekseev invention is so unique.

- When should that shower be used? What healing effect does it have?

    Hydromassager should be used if the doctor generally prescribes you a massage.
    A plenty of researches show that hydromassage is much more beneficial then simple massage by hands. For example: “Consequence of mechanical factor was shown in the work of D.Doring (1966). During comparative researches of hydrodynamic reactions of healthy persons and persons with hypertension to the influence of the underwater shower-massage and hand-massage (without water) author concluded that underwater shower-massage decreases beat and minute heart volume, causes diminution of the expulsion level and increases peripheral resistance. Moreover, there is a descent of arterial blood pressure, as a result of reduction of beat heart volume and increase of peripheral resistance. After the hand-massage there're no changes in blood circulation, except by a slight reduction of pulse frequency and elongation of the expulsion level

    These are basic cases, when «Dush Alekseeva» (the Alekseev Shower) should be used:
- Diseases of cardiovascular system (reduces development of an atherosclerosis, vegetative dystonia, improves a blood-groove).
- A cellulitis. Weakness of muscles, flabbiness of a skin, infringement of a fatty exchange and other lacks of a figure.
- A syndrome of chronic weariness. The lowered immunity.
- Diseases of the impellent system (an arthritis etc).
- Diseases of a peripheral department of nerve system.
- Hypostases (because of infringement of lymph flow and venous stagnation, after a trauma).
- Infringement of sleep, sleeplessness. Weather dependence.
- Dysfunction of intestines.
- The climacteric period.
- A hang-over and other poisonings.
- For the prevention of infringements of blood circulation (including varicose).
That hydromassage improves the general condition of the organism, cheers you up, restores body contours, and amends potency and immunity. And what's more important appears a feeling of youth and freshness.

- What is the difference between the grid with 19 apertures and the grid with 61 apertures? When should they be swapped?

    Every set, which we produce, contains two grids (19 and 61 apertures) .That devices allow you to regulate the intensity of influence and get chosen effect. It means that you control all the process, by your own hand! Using 61-nozzled grid You can achieve pressure that beats the effect of famous "Sharco". Specialists call that “Water jet spouting abirritating hydromassage”.
    Influence of 19-nozzled grid does not have any analogues at all – it is a powerful spicular shower and effect is supreme! Using it regular, You can shape your figure, get rid of cellulitis and even restore hair cover if You are bald.
    What's more, You can have underwater massage with the 19-nozzled grid (fill your bath with water before). This is a special softness and amenity of influence. Underwater massage calms the body and nerve system. (Most useful for pregnant and aged women).
    All these THREE pleasures you get, buying our hydromassager.

- Which contraindication has your shower?

    Hydromassage – is just a kind of a massage, so usage of «Dush Alekseeva» (the Alekseev Shower) is forbidden, if only your doctor does not recommend using massage, or the massage is generally forbidden because of your specific illness. We remind you, that «Dush Alekseeva» (the Alekseev Shower) was used in clinical practice since 1998; it means that already for 7 years medics from all regions of Russia have been checking the healing effect of this massager – and we receive only positive comments. But of course massage and hydromassage don’t cure all the illnesses; in some special cases it is useless. If you are not sure, may you use the hydromassage to cure your illness or not, speak to your doctor (better to physiotherapist). By the way, if the doctor prescribes you the hydromassage, you get 7 % of discount (just send us the copy of the prescription).

- What should I do, if the pressure in my water supply system is low? Would that influent on the functionality of «Dush Alekseeva» (the Alekseev Shower)?

    Of course you will not get such a powerful jet, as it should be by the normal water pressure. But instead of this you will have better expressed effect of a hydro acupuncture. Namely, the influence of a small drop structures will be also useful and pleasant. Hydro acupuncture has better physiologic influence then needle pricks by a traditional acupuncture.
    Drop structure of the jet is provided by a special form of nozzles. You cannot see it directly, but it is clearly could be seen in pictures.
    Moreover, from the point of view of famous hydro therapists, mild but stimulated influence is more effective (in some cases). Also increases the vein tone, happens mechanical influence on reflexive zones, a stimulation is made, which increases the tone of muscles, normalizes the metabolism.
    You will ask us, how does it differ from a common shower? That's how: the jets of submilimeter size influent on the skin surface more effectively. What's more, by the low water pressure appears so called “water dust”, which provides the ionization of the air. This is mostly recommended for tired and/or weather-dependent people.


  Technical questions:

- What is also included in the parcel post wit the shower?

    The parcel post with the hydromassager «Dush Alekseeva» (the Alekseev Shower) contains:
- Directly the hydromassager (already compiled). Consists of: the top nut (necessary for grid swapping – changing the hydromassaging mode), 19-nozzled grid, a sealing rubber ring, the plastic insert fixing a sealing ring, the case of a attachment and the handle connected to it – all these characteristics are described in characteristics sheet which is also included into the complete set of the device;
- An additional 61-nozzled grid (second, softer operating mode of a hydromassager);
- An adapter for compatibility of a hydromassager with shower hose of domestic and/or foreign production;
- The brochure «Wondrous Energy Of The Water» in Russian with the detailed description of ways of water treatment at home.

- What should I do to install «Dush Alekseeva» (the Alekseev Shower) at home?

    Everything is done very quickly and simply. For installation a hydromassager it is necessary to unscrew the watering can established at you shower and to screw the device to shower hose. A hydromassager suite both to domestic, and to shower hoses and shower mixers of the western manufacture, therefore problems with installation at your bath will not arise (at least, any complaints to difficulties of installation of the device did not act to us).
    For installation on the shower mixer of a domestic production, it is necessary to screw an adapter on the handle of a hydromassager, and then to fasten a product to shower hose. If the shower mixer is import – the handle is screwed at once, without an adapter.
    To swap grids of a hydromassager (19 and 61 aperture) you should unscrew the top nut, take out the established grid to insert necessary and screw up a nut.
    That’s all! We are sure, that at use of the device problems will not arise, because it is made from special (German quality) plastic which is steady against impacts and falling of the device in a bath. That provides its durability and a practicality in use.
    P.S. But beware the metal thread can “be broken”, therefore we request – do not experiment with files and flat-nose pliers – screw a hydromassager more accurately!

- When does the shower clog? What should I do if that happens?

    The first and obvious: it is necessary to put the filter on an input of water. It will allow making rough clearing (sand, pieces of rust will not get in shower). By the way, recently in some new shower mixers in shower hoses interleaves with web are used, that is the same filter. At bad quality of water there will be some kind of scurf.
    If shower has got clogged, don’t panic - it is easily cleared with the help of a solution of an acid (acetic or something else) and brushing. It is possible to clean accurately the thinnest place of nozzle using a needle (our buyers have told us about such method). Plastic in shower is really very good and strong, so don’t be afraid to spoil a hydromassager.

- Is «Dush Alekseeva» (the Alekseev Shower) compatible with the water warming system?

    It is combined perfectly. Because presence of a water warming system allows to adjust temperature more precisely and there are no fluctuations of pressure (and temperature too), as it sometimes happens (at pressure differences in a water supply system) if the usual riser pipe with hot water is used.

- Using this device I splash my bath very much, what to do?

    Yes, jets of water break and fly around. It is a by-effect from use of our hydromassager because water flows out a nozzle so strong, that at contact with a body it is simply turns to dust. All healing effect is based on it and uniqueness of a design of a hydromassager is in it. Therefore we cannot avoid it.
    There is a simple solution of this problem – curtains for a bath. If you haven’t bought it yet, try underwater shower-massage, it is very pleasant and it is very useful for children. When you will get the curtain, fix above a bath a bag, impregnated with aromatic oil. Then the water dust becomes really curative. You simultaneously take a shower and inhalation. But do not overlook, that time of procedure should not exceed 15 minutes!




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