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Anti aging face massage roller massager small

Anti aging face massage roller massager  small
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This Lyapko Applicator Derma Roller Massager may be used for stimulation, balancing and detoxification of such areas as the face, arms, legs and frontal regions of the body. Detoxification of the skin improves the health, tone, and texture which decrease cellulite for a more youthful appearance. Furthermore, the Lyapko healing goes beyond the skin surface and assists in balancing the energy of the body; much like an acupuncture or acupressure treatment without the continual inconvenience of time or expense!
Lyapko Applicators are either flexible mats to lie on or rollers to provide a combined massage therapy and acupuncture-like balancing treatment without penetration of skin surfaces. Lyapko Applicators have inlayed points composed of specific metals necessary for the body: zinc, copper, iron, nickel, silver. This harmonious combination of metal points creates a healing galvanic current for stimulation and balancing of the electromagnetic body. More specifically, they cause a selective electrically-induced micro-electrophoresis into the internal environment. This electrophoresis action within the body causes this electrically-stimulated movement of particles which duplicates the detoxification, relaxation, euphoria and balancing often found in acupuncture without the use of penetrating needles. In addition, this acupressure of the skin tissue tones and improves health along with noticeable cellulite improvement especially when combined with a healthy diet and pure water to aid in the detoxification process.
Lyapko Applicators have no equivalent in the world as they are unique in their multifaceted restorative abilities and treatment power as well as their effectiveness and efficiency. Their application is simple and reliable. The Applicator mobilizes inner resources as it stimulates a physiologically-balanced activation of natural healing chemicals produced inside the human organism and often compensates for deficiency of mobility. No known adverse affects with this non-invasive natural therapy.  Gentle positioning and light or medium pressure ensures effective treatment.  Even the elderly have benefited from this technology of natural healing. Please view our videos with demonstrations and testimonials from natural health professionals!

  • Width: 36 mm;  1.4 in
  • Diameter: 45 mm; 1.8 in
  • Step: 3.5 mm (distance between needles aka metal prongs or points);   0.1 in
  • Quantity of needles: 272 pieces.
The Derma Roller includes metals known for their special attributes: For example, silver needles are known to have anti-bacterial properties. Copper is known to aid arthritis, natural hair color and the strength of the vascular system (US Dr. Joel Wallach). Zinc is known to aid healing and improve immunity, etc.
Applicators can be used on any parts of the body—most often to the spine while lying on the “rug” or flexible mats; sold separately and highly recommended. The balancing results seen by lying on the mats or having someone else use the roller along both sides of the spine may be compared somewhat to chiropractic treatment without the manual manipulation.  Every vertebra of the spine has nerve endings that correspond to all organs. Hence, the electromagnetic acupressure of the Lyapko Applicator points has been seen to affect all organs and organ functions of the body. This enhanced therapeutic efficiency is achieved due to galvanic currents created in the skin, on the tip of the metal points and between the points, which leads to an increased selective metal micro-electrophoresis into the internal environment of the body.
Avable Features of the Lyapko Applicator:
  • Enhances vitality and function, aids normalized sleep and metabolism; aids weight loss, improves mood; aids depression;
  • Renders assistance in balancing, reversing and preventing GI disorders, cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system disorders;
  • Alleviates or decreases pain in the spinal column, joints and muscles, removes headaches;
  • Normalizes hormonal balance and the metabolic process by balancing the Endocrine System (the obese lose weight, the emaciated gain the required lbs/kilograms);
  • Increases the efficiency of such methods as massage, auricular and classic acupuncture, laser therapy, infrared, micro-resonance therapy (when used in combination with them or prior to their use) two to three sessions recommended;
  • Assists and may eliminate addictions by balancing and decreasing stress (alcoholism, tobacco smoking);
  • Assists and may eliminate sexual disorders with subsequent normalization of men and women's sexual functions as the body moves into balance;
  • Assists and may eliminate gynecological imbalances; helps to balance disorders of ovarian-menstrual cycle;
  • Lessons the dependency upon many drugs as the body comes into balance. Hopefully, for eventually discontinuation per a wellness-oriented Doctor’s recommendation.
Applicators enhance health treatments in natural medical facilities, health spas and at home.
For those who desire an in-depth description:
Applicators are made in the form of elastic rubber mats or rollers with the metal points (also referred to as needles) attached to the rubber base. The edges of the applicators have restrictive ledges which protect the skin of the patient from penetration of needles. Gentle positioning and light pressure ensures effective treatment. Base metals of the points are copper, brass and iron covered with other metals at the tips:  Used metals: Fe - iron, Cu - copper, Zn - zinc, Ni - nickel, Ag - silver. 
How does the Galvanic-electrical action work within the body?
The human body is a complex bio-colloid, saturated with electrolytes, which contains both positive (cations) and negative (anions) ions. Intensity of galvanic-electrical action is regulated by the body itself, depending on the extent of saturation of tissues (skin layers, hypodermic tissue, underlying structures).
Painful and inflamed skin area is edematous as it contains a lot of liquid. When contact is made with the applicator, the reaction is intense, which generates increased warmth and sweat. When contacting with the skin, the surface of the applicator needles undergo numerous physical and chemical reactions connected with the action of a natural current. As a result, oxide films are formed on the needles and a galvanization effect (bioelectrical action on tissues) emerges. At this, pinpoint galvanic currents of maximum values appear on the needle tips. This is due to the difference in potentials between the main metal of the needle and peripheral metal of the coating which are short circuited between each other (pinpoint currents vs. inter-needle currents). The value of the currents depends on conductivity of the skin and content of electrolytes in it. 


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