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Glass vacuum massage cups

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Vacuum massage cups are used for cupping therapy — an ancient Chinese vacuum massage method, aimed to improve blood circulation and help in healing. Vacuum therapy was known in China since 3000 B. C. and it was also used in ancient Egypt. Even the legendary Hippocrates used it as am internal diseases treating method. Nowadays people tend to use this alternative medicine method more and more.

What is fire cupping therapy

fire cupping therapy

This type of massage is made with a help of heated cups that are put on the skin for 5-15 minutes. The vacuum created inside the cup improves blood circulation which is believed to solve different problems with health. In China doctors believe that heating the body releases the vital Qi energy which helps in fighting various diseases. It is believed to be useful in:

  • reducing swelling and pain;
  • increasing immunity;
  • decreasing cellulite level;
  • treating blood disorders;
  • treating respiratory infections.

Each disease requires its length of therapy. For example, anti cellulite massages take 10-15 sessions. To get the best results, it is recommended to do the course at least twice a year.

Benefits from using glass cups

Glass massage cups is an eco-friendly massage tools. They are sold in sets from 2 to 20 cups and can be made in various sizes. For example, cups that are designed for facial massage are usually smaller and may have a different diameter, usually from 2.5 to 6 cm. This type of cups, unlike the silicone ones, can be disinfected with high temperature which make them a perfect massage tool for massage saloons and alternative medicine centers.

Cupping is a safe non-invasive therapy method, but there are some situations when you should avoid it. Don't use it for small children or weak elderly, while having fever, on the areas over thin muscles or during pregnancy.

Remember that you should never use any vacuum massage for a dry skin — use various massage oils to prevent hurting the skin when moving cups.