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Set of 8 vacuum cups for anti cellulite massage

Set of 8 vacuum cups for anti cellulite massage
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The cup massage procedure is a simple treatment that gives impressive results. A cup massage helps release the rigid soft tissue through negative pressure and suction, it also helps drain off excess toxins and fluids your body may be retaining, it can help to loosen adhesions and lift the connective tissues. This helps increase the blood flow to the skin and muscles that may have problems with partial atrophy.

  • Diameter of glass cup - 45mm
  • Height (together with a rubber bulb) - 85mm

8 cups for body

Directions for use of cupping glasses for vacuum massage.

Vacuum massage is an effective means of salutary influence on the blood circulation and lymphokinesia. The massage improves the blood circulation, lymph and lymph interstitial liquid; causes local and reflex expansion of blood and lymphatic vessels. Vacuum massage renders resolving and soothing action, helps to eliminate the phenomena of stagnation, intensify metabolic processes and skin breath. The skin becomes elastic, its resistibility to the thermal and physical influences raises, contractive activity of muscles improves, their tone and elasticity raises.

Indications for use:

  • Mimic and chewing musculature innervation disorder (neuritis, neuralgias);
  • Tissue trophism derangements;
  • Pain-relieving action, muscular spasm removing, improving functions of joints;
  • Regenerative and postoperative massage.

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