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Rikta 04/4 Low level laser therapy HOME SET for the whole family

 Rikta 04/4 Low level laser therapy  HOME SET  for the whole family
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                   HOME SET -  A popular home set for the whole family.  

The capabilities of RIKTA 04/4 are expanded due to the additional emitter T1-04, due to which the time for carrying out therapeutic procedures is halved, as well as a set of universal optical attachments.


Rikta 04/4 Low Level laser Therapy device with 2 emitters T1 and set of nozzles KON 1

User manual and protocol in English, German, french are included in set.

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 "Home" - this is the most popular kit for the treatment and prevention of various kinds of diseases at home for the whole family, without age restrictions.

Features of the RIKTA 04/4 device in the basic configuration (with one emitter) are expanded due to the additional emitter T1-04 and a set of optical attachments КОN-1(4).

The additional emitter T1-04 allows it to halve the time of medical therapeutic procedures, or simultaneously carry out, for example, a session of Laser (quantum) hemotherapy - purification of blood - to two members of the family at once.

Optical attachments (optical fibres) are designed to expand the functionality of the quantum (laser) therapy Rikta 04/4 apparatus by delivering the emitted power of the light flux directly to the treatment zones (the patient's abdominal cavity organs).

Note! For the treatment of children under 14 years, the power of laser and infrared radiation needs to be reduced, please carefully read the methodological recommendations that are attached to each device.

Set on nozzles KON1  included in this set

Optical nozzle # 1 - used for procedures in gynaecology and proctology;
Optical nozzle # 2 - used for procedures in otorhinolaryngology and dentistry;
Optical nozzle # 3 - is used for laser puncture;
Optical nozzle # 4 - used for procedures in cosmetology and arthrology.
Pulsed infrared laser radiation
Pulsating broadband infrared radiation
Pulsating red light

  • Constant magnetic field.

The polyfactant quantum therapy RIKTA 04/4 apparatus with the emitter T1-04 - 1 pc.
Additional emitter T1-04 - 1 pc.
Set of optical nozzles (fibres) KON-1 (4) - 1 pc.
Methodical  Englishmanual for the use of the device - 1 pc.
Instructions and warranty card - 1 pc.
Packing box - 1 pc.
Age restrictions of patients: No.
Construction: Desktop.

Laser Therapy: Yes
Infrared therapy: Yes
Magnetotherapy: Yes
Light therapy: Yes.
Country of origin: Russia.


Wavelength, nm
Laser infrared radiation: 905
Broadband infrared radiation: 875
Red visible radiation: 640.
Frequency of repetition of pulses, Hz laser broadband infrared radiation
Constant: 5, 50, 1000
Variable: 1 - 250
Duration of treatment, min: 1; 2; 5; 10
Overall dimensions, mm: 245х220х95 
Net weight, kg: 1,5
Electrical safety according to GOST R50267.0-92: Protection class II
Laser safety in accordance with GOST R50723-94: Class 1.
Power supply: From AC mains 220 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption, W: 20.

Emitter T1 - two these emitters included in set

Pulse power of laser radiation, W: 10
Average power of infrared diode radiation, mW: 60
Average output power of red LEDs, mW: 7
The area of the radiator outlet, sq. cm: 4
Magnetic induction, mT: 35.

  • Suitable emitters ( by the customer order)



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