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Rikta 04/4 Low level laser Therapy Professional set SALE!

Rikta 04/4  Low level laser Therapy   Professional set SALE!
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                                        Professional set 

The kit includes a Rikta 04/4 device with additional emitters, attachments, two holders and goggles. It allows the most effective and comfortable treatment, as well as to reduce the time of procedures and the recovery time of patients.

Rikta 04/4 Low level laser therapy device ,Emitters  T2-04, T1E-04, T2E-04,D1-50W, nozzles KON-1, Glasses- 2 pcs , 2 holders

User  manual and treatment protocols in English, German and French are included in the kit.
If you have questions  regarding   customs clearance of the order, we will be glad to discuss this  with you

 The complete set includes the laser magnetic-infrared therapy device Rikta 04/4 with additional emitters, nozzles, two holders and protective goggles. It allows you to effectively and comfortably conduct treatment courses, as well as to shorten the time of procedures and the timing of patient recovery.


    Rikta 04/4 "Professional" allows for maximum comfort, due to the presence of a set of two holders for emitters, to conduct therapeutic procedures.

    Distinctive features of the "Professional" kit:

    • Rikta 04/4 "Professional" together with standard emitters is equipped with high-power emitters (up to 20 W and 50 W).

    • The presence of the emitters T1E-04 and T2E-04 with the TENS function (electrotherapy) for instant anaesthesia.

    • The presence of four optical tips KON-1 (4): laseropuncture, otorhinolaryngology and dentistry, cosmetology and arthrology, gynaecology and proctology.

    • The presence of a pair of protective glasses (for the patient and the doctor) and two devices for fixing the emitters for the most convenient and comfortable carrying out of therapeutic procedures.

    2 emitters can be connected to the control unit simultaneously.

    Each device is accompanied by detailed methodological recommendations, clinically tested and proven by thousands of users.

    Note! Fr the treatment of children under 14 years and elderly people over 80 years of age, it is not recommended to use the high-power emitters that come with this kit. Use standard emitters, reducing the power of laser and infrared radiation on the device itself in accordance with the methodological recommendations and the instructions that come with the device.


    Pulsed infrared laser radiation
    Pulsating broadband infrared radiation
    Pulsating red light
    Constant magnetic field.
    The polyfactant quantum (laser) therapy apparatus Rikta 04/4 with the emitter T1-04 - 1 pc.
    Emitter T2-04 - 1 pc.
    Emitter T1E-04 - 1 pc.
    Emitter T2E-04 - 1 pc.
    Emitter DUSH-1 (50) -04 - 1 pc.
    Set of optical nozzles (fibres) KON-1 (4) - 1 pc.
    Safety glasses - 2 pcs.
    Device for fixing the emitter - 2 pcs.
    Methodical manual for the use of the device - 1 pc.
    Registration and warranty card - 1 pc.
    Packing box - 1 pc.


    At the request of the customer, the package can be reduced, any of its elements can be excluded, or expanded.


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