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RIKTA 04/4 low Level laser with one emitter T1 desktop model

RIKTA 04/4  low Level laser with one emitter T1 desktop model
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               Rikta 04/4 Low Lewel Laser with one emitter T1

 Rikta 04/4 is the only Low Level Laser to offer an on-board infrared laser, red light laser,    super pulsed laser, and magnetic induction all in one laser emitter.

 User manual and protocols are included in the kit .    Free shipping worldwide by EMS express mail.

If you have questions  regarding   customs clearance of the order, we will be glad to discuss this  with you.





 One T1 emitter is included in the basic delivery package together with a detailed methodical guide.
The device itself is able to connect the second (additional) emitter and their simultaneous operation.
In addition, the device has the ability to adjust the power of radiation, which allows it to be used to treat children, starting with infancy, as well as the elderly (over eighty) with some acute and chronic diseases (carefully read the methodological recommendations that come with the kit for each device).
Pulsed infrared laser radiation
Pulsating broadband infrared radiation
Pulsating red light
Constant magnetic field.
Electronic control unit - 1 pc.
Emitter T1-04 - 1 pc.
Methodical  English manual for the use of the device - 1 pc.
Passport and warranty card - 1 pc.
Packing box - 1 pc.
Age restrictions of patients: No.
Construction: Desktop.

    • Laser Therapy: Yes
    • Infrared therapy: Yes
    • Magnetotherapy: Yes
    • Light therapy: Yes
    • Electrotherapy: No.

    Producer: JSC "MILTA-PKP GIT"
    Country of origin: Russia.


    Warranty period: 1 year (from the date of sale)

                    Emitter T1   

Suitable emitters ( by the customer order)




Shipping to USA, South America, Australia, Europa, Asia, Middle East - 

FREE by express mail EMS.


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