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Doctor TES-03 device for transcranial electrical stimulation . Source of endorphins.Helps with depression headache insomnia

Doctor TES-03 device for transcranial electrical stimulation . Source of endorphins.Helps with depression headache insomnia
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"Doctor TES-03" is the only scientifically substantiated way to increase the level of endorphin (the hormone of joy) in the body.

Improving health, activity, combating fatigue, stress, normalizing sleep, recovering from illnesses, injuries, etc. Scientists have found that it is possible to stimulate the production of endorphins by exposing the skin to certain areas of the head with electricity. So the TES method was born - "transcranial electrical stimulation" (Latin "through the skull"). 
"Doctor TES-03" is a modern medical physiotherapeutic apparatus that can significantly increase the body's ability to produce endorphins. Moreover, the effect of even one half-hour procedure lasts from 12 hours to several days.
Using Doctor TES-03 is extremely simple, convenient and safe, as it is specially designed so that patients can independently use it at home, without visiting medical institutions and without involving specialists. You fix comfortable electrodes on your head, and the healing session begins.
Effects of TES-therapy:
• elimination of stress, depression and their consequences;
• improvement of well-being and general condition, normalization of sleep, increase of working capacity;
• elimination or reduction of the intensity of pain syndromes;
• fast healing of wounds and ulcers;
• increase immunity and body resistance;
• acceleration of recovery processes after various diseases;
• normalization and stabilization of blood pressure in case of hypertension, hypotension and vegetovascular dystonia;
• reduction of pathological craving for tobacco and alcohol;
• normalization of the gastrointestinal tract;
• improving the quality of life in general.

“Doctor TES-03” helps to increase working capacity, activity, immunity, including during physical and mental overload, counteract fatigue, stress, normalize sleep, recover from illnesses, injuries, etc.

Using “Doctor TES-03” is extremely simple, convenient and safe, as it is specially designed so that patients can use it on their own without visiting medical institutions and without involving specialists. It is a guaranteed source of endorphins.
"Doctor TES-03" is a development of a team of scientists of the Institute of Physiology. I.P. Pavlov Russian Academy of Sciences.
Real medical equipment. Doctor TES-03 is a simplified, portable version of professional medical devices that have been used in hospitals and sanatoriums for over 30 years. TES-therapy appeared in the USSR when only strictly scientific methods with proven effectiveness were used in medicine.

The famous endorphins happiness” - were discovered in the 70s. They not only give a feeling of joy, but also have an incredible analgesic effect, 30 times stronger than morphine. In addition, endorphins are necessary for the restoration of the body after diseases and injuries, as well as for healthy immunity.

Complaints, symptoms and conditions with a lack of endorphins in the body:
depressed, dreary mood, tearfulness, anxiety, causeless fear;
frequent headaches, migraines;
chronic pain associated with the spine and joints;
slow healing of even small wounds and abrasions;
visual fatigue when working with a computer;
insomnia, or vice versa excessive drowsiness;
unexplained weakness, fatigue;
intolerance, irritability;
frequent drops in blood pressure, weather sensitivity;
menstrual irregularities, premenstrual syndrome;
climatic disorders;
sluggish progressive sensorineural hearing loss;
disruption of the intestines;
frequent colds;
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children;
gambling, substance abuse, alcoholism and opium addiction.

Contraindications to TES therapy:

- Convulsive conditions, epilepsy 
- Injuries and tumors of the brain, infectious lesions of the central nervous system 
- Stage III hypertension, hypertensive crisis 
- Hydrocephalus 
- Acute Mental Disorders 
- Thyrotoxicosis 
- Atrial fibrillation 
- Presence of implanted pacemakers 
- Age to 5 years


Type of current - pulse, bipolar
Current 0-1.5 mA
Automatic timer 30 min.
Supply voltage 6-9 V
Weight without battery 0.1 kg


It consists in the timely replacement of a Krone battery, which can be purchased at any store. No other maintenance is required.

Device Care

Mandatory disinfection for individual use is not required. However, in case of contamination, the outer surfaces of the housing can be treated with 70% alcohol.
Gel electrodes are designed for about 40 procedures - in normal practice, this is about a year.
Gel electrodes are for individual use! Each person has his own set (like a toothbrush).


The device "Doctor TES-3" (1 pc.)
Connecting cable (1 pc)
Self-adhesive gel electrodes (1 set)
Headband (1 pc)
Krona type battery (1 pc.)
Consumer packaging
User's manual ( in english you can download in this page- use button Download )

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