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Two bottles Megre Cedar Nut Oil pure Cold Pressed 100 ml+ pendant

 Two bottles Megre Cedar Nut Oil pure  Cold Pressed  100 ml+ pendant
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Set include two bottles of oil and gift Pendant

First-pressed pine nut kernel oil, made on wooden presses using manual labor. Obtained by cold pressing, which means that all vitamins and trace elements are preserved in a living form. All production processes are concentrated in the Cedar House, far from the dusty city. Neither the walnut nor the finished product comes into contact with the metal. This is important so that the oil retains its natural purity and structure, does not oxidize or turn rancid.

Extra virgin oil absorbs the best that the nut contains: vitamin E concentrate, natural B vitamins (B, B1, B2, B3), A, D and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Cedar oil is used to prepare salads, enrich any other dishes, and is also simply taken orally in courses as a source of nutrients.

Packaging: glass bottle

Volume: 100 ml

Shelf life: 12 months

Pendant from a cut of a cedar branch on a thread of taiga nuts

Pendant from a cut of a cedar branch on a thread of taiga nuts. Made by hand according to original craft traditions passed down through generations. Souvenir, decoration and amulet, charged with the power of the Siberian taiga.
In contact with cedar, even with a small piece of it, the body is charged with pure energy, fatigue decreases, and stress disappears. With constant wear, cedar jewelry helps to harmonize the biofield and resist diseases both at a subtle level, when they are not yet manifested, and at a physical level, since they are a natural antiseptic.
They exude a delicate aroma of cedar and serve as a mild means of aromatherapy: resins and esters of cedar pacify, increase physical and mental activity, help to collect thoughts, improve sleep, and prevent colds.
You need to wear beads so that they touch the body, then the cedar begins to feel a person and influence his condition.
Siberian Cedar Nut Oil enriched with Sea Buckthorn Berry 100 ml/3.5 oz

I offer you Siberian cedar products under brand name "The Ringing Cedars of Russia".

100% natural, Wild harvested, No preservatives, No artificial ingreedients, No GMO.

This oil is a unique organic antioxidant and one of the most powerful organic immunostimulant.

Old technological procedures are used for oil extraction. Cold pressing method is used during the extraction process by wooden presses and excludes any contact with metal.

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