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» » » Set of optical nozzles KON-1 for Rikta

Set of optical nozzles KON-1 for Rikta

Set of optical nozzles KON-1 for Rikta

Set of optical nozzles KON-1 for Rikta
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Set of optical nozzles KON-1 for Rikta

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 Set of optical nozzles for Rikta 4/04

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"KON - 1" is the set of nozzles which is applied with apparatuses of quantum therapy of Rikta series.


All optical nozzles are made of medical optical-organic fiber. The 
nozzles expand functional possibilities of the apparatus. Laser 
radiation becomes more direct, what can be very important at treatment 
of specific diseases, at application in:


- Gynecology,
- Cosmetology, 
- Proctology, 
- Stomatology, 
- Urology, 
- Reflexology, 
- Acupuncture 
- And for professional doctors.


Nozzles are made of nontoxic optical-organic fiberglass.


Conductivity coefficient of nozzles:
Optical nozzle 1 - 0,45
Optical nozzle 2 - 0,6
Optical nozzle 3 - 0,6
Optical nozzle 4 - 0,85


All nozzles have polished surface. It helps to exclude any possibility of trauma and to reduce side radiation.


The set of nozzles includes 4 optical nozzles.
Nozzles 1, 2 and 3 
(4) is a set of nozzles, which can be used at treatment by professional 
doctors or patients itself but under strict doctor's control.




Nozzle 1 - gynecology, proctology, throat.
Nozzle 2 - nose, throat, ear, stomatology, acupuncture, reflexology.
Nozzle 3 - nose, ear, stomatology, acupuncture, reflexology.
Nozzle 4 - cosmetology, acupuncture, reflexology.








Set of nozzles for the devices of RIKTA family, comprises 4 pcs.

Subjected for acupuncture and also used in stomatology, proctology and cosmetology.


The Optical adjutage twisted in laser emitter device RIKTA and allows to conduct the make-up massage of the person, necks and heads, treatments cellulitis by means of quantum influence