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Mishin's Coil Therapy set Vortex Medicine Device

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  Mishin's Coil  Therapy set Vortex Medicine  Device

Here we offer you Mishin coils from different manufacturers - Live Sinus, Biolis and Yukond. All these devices are similar and produce the same effect. A small difference in configuration, power and price gives you the opportunity to choose the device that suits you best.

Mishin coil is an electric device designed for treatment of various human diseases. Its working principle is based on the use of electrostatics. The coil is supplied with 24 V current at 300 kHz frequency.
Mishin therapeutic device’s working principle is based on the exposure of affected body parts to a variable electrostatic field. It is called an eddy-current medicine. This is the same electrostatic attraction we studied at physics lessons at school when we rubbed an ebonite stick with wool so it started attracting small objects. The coil works in the same way except that an electrostatic field is generated electrically instead of friction. We require a variable electrostatic field in this case.
The list of diseases curable with Mishin coil is extensive. Particular interest, however, is drawn by the fact that this device is able to treat a large number of diseases considered incurable by the traditional medicine.

Customers often ask which device to choose and how Biolis, Live Sinus, Ecomag and Yukond devices differ from each other. All these are similar devices only from different manufacturers. Globally, they give a similar effect, but have a number of features that are described below.

The Ecomag device, in comparison with competitors, is made at a higher technological level. It is produced on the basis of original unique scientific developments, which made it much more effective. Due to the ideal shape of the signal, the penetrating ability of the device and the therapeutic effect are much higher. Output signal adjustment - 25, 50, 100% - you can adjust the device depending on body weight (min - for animals and children - max - for people with large body weight) The device has several unique and useful functions -

1.Setting to pause. You can interrupt the procedure and then continue it as you wish.

2.  Set the device to silent mode, it is convenient when using at night. The coils included in the kit are completely cast, which eliminates the possibility of winding displacement and distortion of settings during the entire service life.

The effectiveness of Ecomag has been confirmed in the course of research in medical centers in Russia, Israel and other countries. The device works from 12V to 220V in any corner of the globe.

  The Biolis device. Unlike similar devices - Mishin's Coils with a generator, the Biolis device has more power. For those who are looking for an active impact, this is what you need. A large power reserve allows people of great weight to choose a comfortable and effective mode of exposure. Also, its distinguishing feature is the option - smooth power adjustment. That is, it makes it possible not only to set the power - 20% -50% and 100%. You can choose the 38% power setting if you feel this is the ideal option for you. It is also possible to choose any time for the procedure - this opportunity is provided by the function of smooth adjustment of the time.

The device works both from 110 V and from 220 V. It has a European standard plug. In some countries, you will need an adapter to connect to a wall outlet.

TGS devices - Mishine Coil device from Yukond is the only development in the Mishin Coil device line with a generator, which is personally supervised by Alexander Mishin. The devices are easy to operate. Many models can be equipped with a US standard plug on request and operate on 110 V. Also, the Implovit device from this range is medically certified and approved for therapy.

   Live Sinus devices - The device Live Sinus has its strengths, which may be of interest to users

1. Possibility of work in different modes (low-voltage/high-voltage) and first of all in high-voltage. As a rule, we do not recommend using the low voltage mode. The low voltage mode is not the most efficient and, at the same time, it is even unsafe for prolonged use and at high currents. Mishin mentioned this more than once. In low voltage mode, the electromagnetic field is too strong, which is not curative.

2. Dynamic Fibonacci modulation of the signal (field pulsations increase therapeutic efficiency). .In the antiparasitic mode, one frequency is not set in the generator. The generator operates in the frequency range, going over them in 1Hz steps, by default this range is as wide as possible (from 10 kHz to 900 kHz). The frequency at which the generator operates is dictated by the resonant frequency of the connected coil. You don't need to change the frequencies yourself. The generator automatically tunes to the coil and monitors the resonance during the session.

3. Ability to connect to a computer to control the parameters and reconfigure (if necessary, everything is reconfigured).

4. Built-in anti-parasitic mode for working with electrodes. The electrodes for anti-parasitic cutting are made of Copper (not steel). Copper electrodes are more efficient