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Mishin's Coil Therapy set Vortex Medicine Device

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  Mishin's Coil  Therapy set Vortex Medicine  Device

Here we offer you Mishin coils from different manufacturers - Live Sinus, Biolis and Yukond. All these devices are similar and produce the same effect. A small difference in configuration, power and price gives you the opportunity to choose the device that suits you best.

Mishin coil is an electric device designed for treatment of various human diseases. Its working principle is based on the use of electrostatics. The coil is supplied with 24 V current at 300 kHz frequency.
Mishin therapeutic device’s working principle is based on the exposure of affected body parts to a variable electrostatic field. It is called an eddy-current medicine. This is the same electrostatic attraction we studied at physics lessons at school when we rubbed an ebonite stick with wool so it started attracting small objects. The coil works in the same way except that an electrostatic field is generated electrically instead of friction. We require a variable electrostatic field in this case.
The list of diseases curable with Mishin coil is extensive. Particular interest, however, is drawn by the fact that this device is able to treat a large number of diseases considered incurable by the traditional medicine.