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Mishin's coil Pure static 140 mm for TGS-3A, 7A

Mishin's coil  Pure static 140 mm for TGS-3A, 7A
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Mishin's coil - Pure static - 14 cm.

Field diameter 3 m. Step-up transformer included + Static field indicator. Manufacturer's warranty 1 year!

   Additional equipment for the sine generator TGS-3A and TGS-7A. Pure static coil with transformer. The coil is used only in the standing wave mode. Spreading pure static up to 3 meters!

   Package Included:

Tor transformer;

Large flat coil of static (diameter 14 cm);

Static field indicator with two LEDs;


Complete with a generator, you can use various Mishin coils. All coils have different meanings and properties.
1. Simple coils
1.1 base flat spool included, diameter 14cm . This is a local coil. Used where there is a problem.
1.2. large flat coil. Diameter 22 cm. Similar to the first, but due to its large size, its action is more powerful.
3. Pure static coil has a field of 3 meters, covers with a sphere, affects the whole body at once, due to this it solves more serious, chronic problems. Statics can be used by 2-3 people at once due to the large field. This coil is not applied to the body. it can be placed near the bed or in the center of the room, as desired.
4. Two-frequency coil - a local coil its field is 3-5 cm, it acts only at the place of application, but unlike the basic coils, the 2-frequency is the most powerful, 2.5 times more powerful than all other coils
5. Thor is designed to act on bones and joints, unlike flat coils, which mainly act on the muscles and soft tissues of the body. It is also convenient to use the torus on hard-to-reach places of the body, such as the armpit, groin, ear, eye, nose.
6. Spikes - all coils except spikes work in the body at the cellular level, spikes work at the DNA level
Any coil has the same field on both sides.

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