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Mishin coils BIOLIS 03 english manuals 3 coils in set

Mishin coils BIOLIS 03   english manuals 3 coils in set
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Activates all hidden reserves of the body:

Pituitary, working capacity, concentration, memory, with mental loads, helps the applicants, graduates, students. Restores the hormone composition of the body. With allergic rashes, inflammation of the skin: eczema, psoriasis, neurodermite, burn, Scar, abrasion, etc. With dentists, mouth ulcers. Activates energy centers: 3, 5, 7 chakra, reflexogenic zones. Cosmetic effect. Improves skin condition.

How the Biolis 03 works-

The Biolis-03 is designed to conduct non-invasive induction physiotherapy procedures. The device is used for the healing effect of the electromagnetic field with the use of resonance effect on the tissue of the human body.

Non-invasive (non-contact) induction physiotherapy ( NCIP ) 

The non-contact induction method is based on scientific conclusions of famous scientists of the last century. Nikola Tesla, George lahovsky and Raymond Raif have opened a positive influence of resonance electromagnetic fields (waves) on the broken capabilities of the cell phone. However, this phenomenon has not been used in practical medicine for a long time due to lack of technical

Features. Since 2016, the resonance therapy system has developed into non-contact induction physiotherapy (NCIP ) and has become widespread. Induction Therapy is carried out with the help of special electromagnetic inductors ("coil", "loop", "belt", etc.) imposed on the patient's head.

Induction therapy is the basis for including and most optimal use of self-regulation mechanisms of the human body. Thanks to the ability of the body to remember the information received, the effect of sessions of this therapy is preserved for a long time.

Non-contact induction therapy works through electromagnetic energy (EE). The coil applied to the projection site of the problem organ creates an electromagnetic field that affects the cells. At the maximum electric power of the device, the power of the potential of the cell shell increases, the weakened cells again for a long time are charged, and the emerging cells can regenerate. The immune system is activated, and the cells run healing energy processes that lead to real regeneration. If the cell, despite the water of the bit, is not able to expand the potential of its shell and increase its value to more than 20 MV, the body itself destroys the cell. Bit should not be confused with classical therapy of magnetic fields, or with shock-wave therapy. Unlike all other treatments in which magnetic fields are involved, the bit does not use specific frequencies to stimulate certain types of cells.

On the contrary, with the help of special resonance coils, it unfolds a much stronger, high-frequency magnetic field in itself! The body.That is, the bit is able to create what the necessary electrical tension in the body to restore the capabilities of the cell shell and maintain them for a long time. The NCIP is applied in practice either separately or together with other types of therapy in almost any disease. The wellness is painless, has no side effects and is carried out outpatient, who is relaxed sitting in the chair and does not remove clothes. Neither before nor after the session is necessary to rest and calm down. Many patients through this therapy receive an additional "charge" of life energy, become Viper, stronger and more cheerful.

In healthy people, the NCIP increases the life tone, promotes recovery of the body as a whole and even its "rejuvenation". Therefore, bit is not only a method of treatment of many diseases and pain relief, it can be used as a healing preventive activity.

Device and working principle of the device

The induction therapy device is a small device made in a shockproof case. Inside the case there is an electronic microprocessor control unit of the device, an electromagnetic oscillator with a flexible cable of coils-emitters connected to it. LED indicators of output power (current) are located on the left on the front (front) part of the device. On the body of the device there is a timer control handle, above which is a LED time indicator. The body of the device has a connector for connecting an external low-voltage source (adapter) with a voltage of 24 volts and a current of up to 1 amp, included in the delivery of of The time of the timer of the device is set manually from 1 minute to 5 hours.

Working Principle

The principle of operation of the device of non-invasive induction therapy Biolis-03 consists in the effect of electromagnetic energy on the body tissue. The device of non-invasive induction therapy consists of a generating sine-ID circuit, which creates a frequency of 250...350 kHz, and a resonance circuit. All coils are made of high quality, non-toxic materials. If necessary, can be processed with a damp, sterile cloth.

Packing list:

Generator Biolis-03

Big coil

Small coil



Instruction Book in english

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