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Mishin coils BIOLIS 03 FULL set 4 coils english manuals

Mishin coils BIOLIS 03 FULL set  4 coils english manuals
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BIOLIS 03 FULL Mishin's Coil set Vortex Medicine Device    NEW IN BOX

                          3 Mishin Coils + Static Field Coil in set. English manuals 

                  Reviews of electromagnetic treatment

                 Redness, swelling and pain are reduced;
  •     treatment of inflammatory processes is accelerated;
  •     motor activity of joints and ligaments returns;
  •     normalized sleep, well-being;
  •     emotional state stabilizes;
  •     dependence on weather conditions is reduced;
  •     digestion and peristalsis improves;
  •     endocrine glands enhance hormone production;
  •     immunity is strengthened.
    indicators of upper and lower blood pressure levels return to normal;


        Indications for treatment with an electromagnetic field are:
  •     diseases of the nervous system;
  •     pain in the spine and adjacent muscles;
  •     cardiovascular diseases;
  •     disorders in the production of insulin by the pancreas;
  •     impaired blood circulation;
  •     rehabilitation after fractures, sprains, burns or injuries;
  •     digestive disorders;
  •     high blood pressure;
  •     broncho-pulmonary pathology.

Biolis 03 Full  Package Included:

1. Physiotherapeutic apparatus BIOLIS-03 - 1 pc

2. Coils -3 pieces separately each+ Coil of clear static field

3. Field indicator  -1 pc

4. Power adapter  -1 pc

5. Operation manual in Russian and English -1 pc

6. Packaging

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