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Ritm Scenar Sport D - Chans Scena..

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Healing blanket large OLM energiser

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Kalinka store was created to help as much people as possible to get rid of various illnesses and live healthier lives. Here you can find alternative medicine goods produced in Eastern Europe and Russia which will help you to restore your health and keep it in perfect condition.

Our philosophy

We believe that becoming healthy without traditional medicine of drugs and scalpel is possible. Our philosophy is based on the following statements:

  • our bodies can treat themselves — we only need to help them;
  • natural remedies are always better than pills produced by people;
  • leading a healthy lifestyle is easy and pleasant.

When we choose goods to sell in our shop, we try to represent products which are not only effective but first of all safe for us and environment. Most of the goods that we sell can be used by people of all ages, including children and elderly. They are also a perfect gift for somebody who takes care of his or her health.

Goods that we sell

Before starting Kalinka store, we had a shop on ebay, and for now we have 5 years of experience in selling healthy life products for people from all countries of the world.

In our shop you can find:

  • weight loss and detox products;
  • alternative medicine devices;
  • massage tools and oils;
  • natural cosmetics;
  • vision care devices and products;
  • water filters;
  • organic healthy food products;
  • EMF protection items etc.

We offer free delivery to all countries of the world. Each product that we sell has a detailed description in English, but if you have any questions about our products or how to use them, feel free to contact us — we will provide you with all necessary information. Wholesale clients are welcome to contact us for special prices.

The equipment that we sell has at least 1 year of warranty. We also provide you with flexible return policy.

Kalinka store. Make the healthy choice.