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DEKA VOLL electro acupuncture diagnostic device according R. VOLL method machine EAV

DEKA VOLL electro acupuncture diagnostic device  according R. VOLL method machine EAV
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 EAV Electro acupuncture diagnostic device according R. VOLL method  .

                                                       English manual included 

                        This  Deca Voll does not have the function of connecting to a computer

We offer you an updated version of the device.

1. The buttons have been changed to touch buttons and, as a result, there are changes in the switching order - to turn on the device, just touch the button with the probe.

2. The device turns off only automatically - two minutes after finishing work.

The device is designed for diagnostics and evaluation of a patient’s condition, for selection of medicines and adjustment of drug dosage on the basis of the electropunctural diagnostics according to the method of Doctor R. Foll.   This method combines elements of Chinese theory about acupuncture and modern electronics potential. 

It is compact, cheap compared to analogues, which allows providing significant number of doctors of different specialties with such devices. Advantage of the method is the possibility to test allopathic and homeopathic drugs with adjustment of drug dosage, cosmetics, adornments of different metals,  medicative herbs, metals for dentoprosthetic rehabilitation and filling material etc. without solution of continuity of skin integument and mucosa, and to forecast effectiveness of every individual drug for a particular patient.     


    Medical testing with R. Voll method allows you to:

• significantly reduce the time of examination;
• increase diagnostic accuracy and decrease laboriousness;
• make early diagnosis at the stage of pre-clinical manifestations;
• identify existing disorders in various organs and systems of the  patient (acute, sub-acute, chronic, degenerative, neoplastic processes);
• identify pathogens and toxins;
• indicate sensitivity of micro-flora to medicines;
• implement a focused selection of physiologically adequate medication for treatment of patients taking into account their individual tolerance;
• identify pathogenetic mechanisms.
• test different medications on compatibility to each patient;
• detect presence or absence of radionuclides in the body;
• choose an optimal diet for a patient;
• determine presence or absence of adverse effects in a variety of household items: jewelry, cosmetics, clothing;
• optimize the course of treatment in polyclinics, inpatient and sanatorium-resort establishments.

Compactness, low cost in comparison with analogues. This device allows equipping a significant number of doctors of various specialties. Medical vollist can reliably diagnose disease and an affected organ within 40-60 minutes. Small size of the device, low power consumption and stand-alone power suppliers can be successfully applied not only in stationary conditions - in clinics, but also at home, on expeditions, etc.
Highly effective device "Deka-Voll" can be used for checking up the personnel responsible for complex technological processes and transport (for example, in the nuclear industry, aviation, etc.) to limit a human factor in man-made disasters.

Operating supply voltage: 4.5 V
Weight: 600 g
Dimensions: 210x75x20 mm
Power supply: (battery type AA (penlight) 3 pcs 1.5V.

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