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Kremlin Silver Sputnik tablet pill bipolar stimulator of GIT against parasites

Kremlin Silver Sputnik  tablet  pill bipolar stimulator of GIT  against parasites
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Silver Kremlin tablet -  model for keeping in mouth or for swallowing    . One pieces.

                    Expiration date  December   2025




  The Silver tablet is the device created on a joint of last achievements in the world microelectronics and in the field of researches by physiology: due to the electric pulses, which are the analogues on their parameters to natural, the work and the functions of all systems are normalized and restored.
 The Silver tablet  is:
Highly effective not medicamentous method of treatment of digestive apparatus diseases: a stomach ulcer and a duodenal gut, a liver and bilious canals, a pancreas, chronic cholecystitis.
Normalization of intestines work: elimination of diarrhea, pains, meteorism, constipation.
Elimination of consequences of opistorchosic invasion, disposal of any parasites.
Correction intestines normabiosinisis (treatment of dysbacteriosis ).
Treatment of diseases of urogenital system at men and women, reduction of time of treatment in 2-3 times. Elimination of sexual frustration.
Peak efficiency at treatment of an enuresis.
Powerful method of prophylaxis and treatment of hypertonic illness and illnesses of cardiovascular system.
Unique method of elimination of consequences without operation craniocerebral and cerebrospinal traumas, connected to work of the vital centers, of secretary system and intestines work.
Method of struggle with general somatic frustrations: insomnia, violation of appetite, irritability, reduction in serviceability and neurosis, depressions.
Simple and popular method to purge intestines, out hepatic and bilious channels.
Action of The Silver tablet improves the immunity, positive influences on lipoid metabolism, on reduction of sugar in blood and in urine.
It is applied at any age.

   GIT stimulator as being the perfected embodiment of very popular with public the Kremlin Tablet unit has been created thanks to up-to-date achievements of Russian medical microelectronics industry and the most advanced drug-free therapy technologies directed both onto the single organs and integral organism. While designing and developing the Silver Tablet unit there were taken into account all physiology properties of human organism hence pulse stimulation with the Unit is absolutely innocuous and free from any side-effects. It appears to be a mean of the highest efficiency for patients of every age and there are occasions when pulse stimulation method is the only alternative to surgical operation for recovery of lost organism functions.

   Structure and operation.
   The Silver Tablet unit looks like a streamlined capsule consists of two metallic semispherical cups (anode-cathode) mounted on the plastic bushing (insulator). The capsule houses a micro-block - generator of bipolar electric pulses-and power supply unit. Being placed into the moist medium of humans body inner space the capsule turns into a closed circuit and built-in microchip starts operational program of the pulse stimulator. The generator produces packs of electric pulses. They are similar to physiologically natural ones which the quite healthy organism generates to control functioning of organs and systems. Staying in the oral cavity and furthering the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) the Unit affects with electric pulses onto the tissues including vessels and nerve endings surrounding the stimulator (within reach of). Organism in its turn reacts by generating of peristaltic wave passing the capsule further along the GIT. In the course of its passing the Unit step by step normalizes functioning of every bowels parts and GIT surrounding organs and systems as well as those ones which are reflectory related with (through the reflex of organism to the pulses coming from affected organs via the central nervous system to the all rest organs and systems of integral organism). Upon leaving the body by the natural way (usually in 1.5-2 days) stimulator gets off automatically. Health improving mechanism of Silver Tablet is quite different to that one of a generally accepted drug therapy insofar as the former is based upon using pulse current effect for recovering malfunctioning tissues and organs.
   Electric pulses exiting the peripheral nerves makes metabolic processes (breaking up of organic compounds) more active that is attended by energy liberation and composing of substances required for normal growth and vital activity of nervous cells. Such a process in its turn contributes to normalization of peripheral nerves exitability and conductivity hastening their recovery process. Further the pulse stimulation of nerve trunks containing the vegetative conductors increases nourishment of innervated tissues that in its turn makes plastic and energetic processes in the organs more intensive. As a result of this effect neuromuscular regulation gets rehabilitated and there is noted measurable increase of power, volume, fatigue threshold and adaptability of the muscles. Moreover contraction and relaxation of muscle fiber caused by pulse stimulation prevent from muscular atrophy.
   At the same time plasma of muscle and nerve tissue cells becomes richer for energy feeding combinations (ATP, creatine phosphate and the others), enzymes activity increases, oxygen utilization speeds up and energy consumption for pulse stimulated contraction lessens significantly as against the natural one. Relief of nerve fiber edema caused by inflammatory process restores their conductivity that results to lessening of their pain esthesia.
   Side by side with improving the functioning of nerves and muscles, being stimulated, the electric pulses provides improving of symmetric muscles tissue respiration and makes the neurohumoral regulation of tissues and organs more active.
   In total all above processes leads to normalization of organs and systems and immunity rise. Moreover after the application of the Unit increased activity of organs and system functioning does not cease. Life-giving effect may be kept lasting up to six month after pulse stimulation course.

Possible patients sensations accompanying the intake of stimulator.
   What patient feels while the Unit is operating inside the body mainly depends on the type of his nervous system (personal sensivity). There were noted several (fallen inside the limits of norm) variants of patients sensations while stimulator is operating. Many patients did not feel any pulses being similar to normal humans biorhythms. More sensitive persons could feel painless spontaneous contractions of stomach muscles, right-side abdominals and muscles of the legs. While capsule is passing through the large intestine many male patients have significantly increased erection and the latter was lasting for several days upon capsule leaving the body. Some female patients could feel the foetus beats. When keeping the tablet in the mouth patient could feel stitch of various intensity under his tongue. So the range of possible sensations is rather broad from absolute insensivity to full set of feelings. Every case is unique and depends on individual properties of patients organism.
Therapeutic indications and progress of treatment.
Atony and entheroparesis of different genesis including:
-against the background of stroke,
-during the postoperational period (including the postoperational commissural processes),
-in case of traumas and intoxications,
-on occasion of different localization and prevalence peritonitis.
90% of patients from this group was noted as had gained a good result accompanied by normalization of intestinal peristalsis and relief of ache.
Chronic constipation. Treatment with Silver Tablet is much more effective together with diet and drug therapy. Such combined procedure prevents the progress of hemorrhoids or relieves the sufferings caused by that one.
Duodenostasis and biliary tracts dyskinesia - functional duodenostasis and postcholecystectonic syndrome, hypo motor and hypotonic dyskinesia of extrahepatic biliary tracts. Although the Unit is staying in that regions for rather not a long time (when swallowing) it is able to restore not only motor activity of stomach and duodenum but the duct system of pancreas and extrahepatic biliary tracts. The stimulator provides more active functioning of duodenum and brings to restoration of choleresis dynamics 
Helminthiasious duodenostasis including that one of opisthorchosis causation. Electrostimulation effect is quite fatal for vital activity of parasites. The latter being affected by pulse stimulation stop ovipositoring for 2-3 months and clinical signs of health improving are being noted.
Hepatitis (the viral ones including). The Unit can not only mobilize activity of extrahepatic biliary tracts but stimulate the chlorogenetic function of liver. Bilirubin and other signs of process activity get in norm in a short time. Patient gets feel well and sense of pain in the right-side subcost gets eliminated. It is a good practice to re-intake the tablet.
Chronic pancreatitis. Functioning of biliary tracts duct system has being rehabilitated, quantity of digestive enzymes restores to a norm and pain syndrome gets relieved.
Gastritis (hyperacid, normacid, anacid). The Unit provides control of blood and lympha microcirculation in the walls of caval organs insofar as dynamics of the latter depends by far upon the active peristalsis contractions. There was noted cease of eructation, nausea and unpleasant sensations in the epigastric regions.
Peptic ulcer. The stimulator is to be used at the remission stage only and favors hastening of ulcer defect regeneration process in virtue to metabolic processes in the walls of stomach and duodenum.
Intoxications (including the serious ones). It was conclusively confirmed that autonomous stimulation effect contributes to growth of lymph drainage flow and speed 5-6 times as much as at the conventional draining. There is no fatal outcome registered among the patients undergoing this treating procedure.
Large intestine irritation syndrome. Upon the application of the Unit there was radiologically indicated an appearance of moderate haustration and registered appreciable reducing of mucus and liquid in the intestine that is a conclusive evidence of its motor-evacuatory function improvement.
Postcholecystectomic syndrome. Pulse stimulation is to be applicable during the early postoperational period. There was noted its favorable influence on the liver choleresis apparatus function. Usage of the Unit makes it possible to shorten (for 2-3 days) early postoperational period after cholecystectomy, to prevent progress of postoperational entheroparesis and avoid waste of bile while external draining of choledoch.
Vegeto-vascular dystonia. There was noted cease of palpitation, vegetative paroxysms and emotional lability, stabilization of blood pressure indices and appreciable increase of efficiency.
Atherosclerosis. Usage of Silver Tablet results to considerable (as against until known remedies) reducing of cholesterin concentration in blood. There takes place normalization of lipids metabolism which defines the progress of atherosclerosis.
Diabetes (insulin-independent mainly). It is appeared significant patients health improving. Patients suffering from insulin-dependent diabetes can reduce this dependence thanks to stimulating of pancreas with Silver Tablet. Both type-1 and type-2 diabetes patients note normalization of sugar level in blood that allows reducing the dosage of sugarlowering medicine. Readings of urine test have become considerably improved.
Gynecology. Disorder of womens sexual function. Recovering processes are being hastened by far and inflammatory ones are being cut short. Usage of the Unit restores the menstrual cycle to a normal state. Moreover the stimulator appears to be effective for vanishing entheroparesis after any gynecological operation as well as during the postnatal period.
Andrology. Disorder of mens sexual function. The Unit may be used for treating of prostatitis and improving of erection. It is confirmed that pulse stimulation relieves the pain which can be completely taken away 2-3 times faster compared with traditional cure. Prostatorrhea syndrome gets exhausted. There is noted pronounced anti-inflammation effect confirmed by lowering of leukocytes level in the gland secret and restoring of lecitin granules level.
Dermatic diseases. Effective cleaning of gastrointestinal tract from contaminations and thickenings of many years by use of pulse stimulation results to measurable improvement of integument state and vanishing of any allergic reactions.
   It will be noted that next to all the patients applied the stimulator felt the rise of vital tonus and bettering of self-sensations. Their depression got over, sleep and appetite restored to a norm. There was easing effect on occasion of alcohol withdrawal. Immunity level is rising by far and many illnesses proceed in easier way (f. e. bronchial asthma). Blood pressure restores to a norm that subjects to long-lasting improvement of hypertension as well as hypotension patients state. Pulse stimulation can relieve head and tooth ache, better the sight and normalize indices of hemoglobin in blood. Being the drug-free medicine mean the Silver Tablet is a remedy of especial effectiveness for allergy tending patients and on occasions of individual drug intolerance.
Mechanical intestinal obstruction.
Acute myocardial infarction, cardiac asthma, aneurysm of heart and vessels, serious disturbance of heart rate and circulation, pacemaker bearing.
Identified malignant neoplasm.
Bleeding of different genesis.
Acute thrombophlebitis.
Silver tablet application procedure.
   There are more than one way to apply the Unit: by keeping it in the mouth, swallowing, inserting into rectum or vagina or placing the Unit directly into intestinal lumen at the course of surgical operation. The manner is to be chosen depending on every particular disease or pathological state of patient, his self-sensations and conditions of medical aid rendering.
   To test whether the Unit is in order connect the contacts of enclosed LED indicator with metal cups. LED is to start blinking every 3 seconds.
   Before unpacking the Unit discharge electrostatic potential by touching any grounded element (central heating, faucets e. t. c.). Just before using of the Unit leave it for 5 minutes in disinfecting solution (1.0 mg of detersive for20.0 ml of water) then wash thoroughly under the flowing water and place for 5minutes into the 40% alcohol.
Keeping the tablet in the mouth.
   Effect of this procedure is reached by virtue of stimulating the biologically active points of oral cavity which are closely relative with all cerebral centers. The technique is the most suitable for therapy of children and badly debilitated patients as well as on occasions when the patient hesitates to swallow the tablet. The latter is to be placed under the tongue for 10-30 minutes. Tooth crowns if any should be insulated with cotton pellet in order to do away with unpleasant pain appearance. The most preferable intaking time is the hours of the respective meridian least activity (according to ancient Chinese teaching about 12 meridians along which human vital energy circulates. It takes 24 hrs. to complete the cycle of circulation). In the time of least activity we can affect via the meridian onto the damaged organ or system (see Table 1). Duration of stimulation (10 minutes and longer) is different for each person and defined by selfsensation only. The same-period-stimulation may be too weak for one patient and too strong for another. Course of treatment may be lasting from 7 to 30 days and shouldnt be stopped until the positive results become stable.
   The Unit is a device of repeated application only if it is used peroraly (not being swallowed).
   When seance is over the capsule should be washed with water, dried and stored in moistureproof packing.
Table 1. Time of the Least Meridian Activity.







`Urinary bladder


Large intestine










Three heaters






Small intestine




Swallowing procedure.
   Swallowing is the most generally accepted way of the Unit application. Insofar as you can hardly foresee how your organism will react on electric pulses it is good practice to carry out the first trial intake on empty stomach in the day off morning. To assist the process you can take capsule with water. For easier traveling of the Unit inside GIT it is recommended to take cleansing enema overnight before. Time the Unit is staying inside the organism is mainly defined by individual features of your GIT functioning and may be ranged (on an average) from 24 to 36 hrs. On inspiration of this period it leaves the body by natural way and gets off automatically. In case of atonic bowels the swallowed capsule may be lingered inside for several days stimulating pathologic regions. Thus the tablet can stay inside from 5 hrs. (min.) to 11 days (264 hrs., max.). As a rule good result can be gained after one intake every other six months. On some special occasions it is recommended to conduct repeated (with 15 days interval) swallowing to better the medical effect.
Rectal or vaginal application.
   In the course of pulse stimulation of rectum and vagina inner space the sequence of smooth muscles contractions restores to a normal state that alongside with normalization of food passing process along the digestive tract assists to eliminate congestions and better the lymph and blood microcirculation.
   Upon unpacking the Unit is to be lubricated with vegetable oil or Vaseline. Patient should take left-side lateral recumbent position with his knees pulled up to chest and insert the capsule at full length of forefinger. 20-30 minutes later the device is to get off by contraction of abdominals. In case of vaginal application upon 20-30 minutes inspiration the patient takes stride standing position and widening the vaginal canal with fingers withdraws the Unit. After usage the capsule is to be washed thoroughly, dried and packed. Treatment should be repeated every other day. Full course consists of 15-20 seances. For men s and women s diseases therapy there has been designed and developed novel device Rectal-Vaginal stimulator (RVS0. It is just the Silver Tablet device but equipped with specially designed tail handle to provide more convenient manipulating with.
Direct placing of the unit into intestine lumen in the course of surgical operation.
   During the open treatment the stimulator is being placed into intestine lumen once past anastomosis. While manipulating with the Unit the antisepsis rules must be kept strictly.
WARNING! The following requirements are of great importance when you are handling the stimulator:
Upon using the capsule has to be washed, dried and stored in hermetical moistureproof packing.
In the days you applies the stimulator it is not good thing to practice activity which demands for concentration of your attention (car driving, works on great height and so on).
While holding the tablet inside your body do not make any physiotherapeutic and diagnosis manipulation. In case of taking the ECG readings false pulses, bearing no relation to heart rate can be indicated.

  • Question: What is the difference between Silver pill capsule and Photon pill?

    Answer: The difference between these two capsules ( SILVER PILL AND PHOTON PILL ) is that the Silver Pill, when getting inside a person, produces electrical impulses, while the Photon tablets generate electric impulse plus the Visible Electromagnetic impulse (i.e., light flashes). Photon tablet has additional options - light impulse
  • Question: Is this pill what they called  SPUTNIK  and what is it for killing intestinal parasites? thank you

    Answer: These devices are the same as Sputnik, but they have a different name Silver and Photon tablets. Yes, it gives good results in the fight against any parasites. but within the framework of complex therapy. Pay your attention. treatment is best done in a course - 10 days. Therefore, it is more convenient to use a model with a holder. in this case 1 piece per course is enough for you. If you buy a silver pill without holder , then you will need several pieces
  • Question: Can you change batteries in this? and if so how?

    Answer: Unfortunately, battery replacement is not possible. Pill life is 100 hours in a humid environment. After that the device died

Dr Dietrich Klinghardt

  • Founder of the Klinghardt Institute, scientific advisor and physician



    01:12:43 Rife and scalar waves as parasite treatments

    Wendy Myers: I was going to ask you about the use of rife or scalar waves in addressing parasites. What do you think are the most effective type of energy protocols to destroy parasites?

    Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt: Parasites are very sensitive to pulse electromagnetic fields. We used to have a Russian technique called the Sputnik. It was a little capsule the size of a vitamin capsule […] And the moment you swallowed it, there was electric contact made from the fluids in the gut, and it pulsed an electromagnetic field. It was extremely effective against most parasites. I also witnessed personally the healing of a pancreatic cancer with that.

    And of course, as soon as the FDA got wind of it, it shut it down because it was actually helping people. And it was way inexpensive, $80 or so per treatment. So there has been a concerted effort by the FDA to protect the pharmaceutical interest, not the people. And because of that, the pulse electromagnetic techniques are not blossoming in this country.

    In Russia, that’s mostly what people do. They do very little biochemistry, but they do physics. Germany is somewhere in the middle between both.

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