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ANTI PARASITIC Zapper TGSp-2 Device for suppression of pathogenic environment

ANTI PARASITIC Zapper  TGSp-2  Device for suppression of pathogenic environment
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                   Pathogen suppression  anti parasitic device

         Based on the Zapper and (Bio Resonance Therapy) Hilda Clark.

Attention  ! This device operates on rechargeable batteries. Since shipping the device with batteries by air is prohibited, we suggest you send the device without batteries. You can buy and insert them yourself.

Battery brand

model ICR18650,

Voltage 3.7 V

2600 mAh

9.62 Wh

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Difference from the previous version of the device

  The TGSP device has a frequency from 30 kHz to 450 kHz and has one socket for connecting electrodes

The TGSp-2 device has a frequency from 30 kHz to 999 kHz, has 2 sockets, it is possible to connect electrodes and coils at the same time. It enhances the healing effect

The following coils will work with TGSp-2: torus2, basic torus, basic flat No. 1, 2-frequency coil, large coil 22 cm

Static coil and spikes do not work with this device

The work of the device is based on the discovery of naturopathic doctors from the United States, who gave the device the name
"Zapper". In 1989, in the course of research, it was found that all types of living organisms emit
weak radiation of the electromagnetic spectrum of frequencies. It turned out that parasites living in the body of humans and
animals, as well as bacteria, fungi and viruses, emit a field only at one frequency characteristic of each species.
A catalog of frequencies was compiled for most of the types of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and parasites known to science.
During ongoing experiments with the effect of a weak electric current on infectious
pathogens in 1993, it was found that the effect on an infected organism with a weak impulse current with a frequency of
the range of 30 kHz and more leads to the disappearance of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and parasites in it - the corresponding resonances disappear.
At the same time, no suppression of beneficial bacterial species was found. Symbiotes are in biological connection with the human body, and when their number or activity decreases, the
body restores the necessary balance.

"TGSp-1" (hereinafter referred to as the apparatus) is an electronic health-improving device for restoring immunity and ridding the human and
animal body of parasites. "TGSp-1" is a completely safe device, completely autonomous, powered by a built-in battery and can be
used far from electricity.
Tests carried out in the regional body for certification and examination of bioenergetic safety of
products showed that the use of the device significantly improves the functioning of the ENT organs, gastrointestinal tract,
respiratory, genitourinary and other body systems. Tests with the use of the diagnostic equipment
"IMAGO", "MABIOL", and EDS have shown that the effect of the apparatus on the body suppresses the activity of many known
parasitic forms, including lamblia, opisthorchiasis, toxoplasma and others, as well as streptococci, staphylococci and others,
up to the complete disappearance of signs of their presence in the human body. The suppression of the activity of parasites allows the
body's natural immunity to be restored, as a result, the body itself becomes more and more resistant to the effects of
other pathogenic factors, such as stress.
The use of the apparatus "TGSp-1" is especially indicated in the following cases:
- General weakening of the body's defenses.
- Increased fatigue, low mood, nervousness, depression, increased
susceptibility to negative emotions.
- The initial period of colds and other infectious diseases, threatening the transition to the acute phase.
- Sluggish chronic diseases associated with the presence of parasites: (lamblia, opisthorchis,
toxoplasma, toxocara, roundworm, etc.), infections (tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, bronchitis,
tracheitis, cystitis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, gastrointestinal disorders and much more).
- Alcohol addiction.
- The need for constant prevention of infectious and parasitic diseases in the presence of animals at home or at work.
- The device is quite easy to use for pets - cats and dogs, it does not cause unpleasant sensations in them.
- Due to the portability of the device, it is very convenient for use in country houses and in garden areas where there are no pharmacies and clinics nearby, when traveling by plane and train, on tour trips abroad, especially to countries with an increased risk of infection, business trips, etc. etc.

More information in the book:
Hilda Clark: There are no incurable diseases. / Per. from English Kramarenko I.M., Ksenofontov A.B. - SPb .: Future of the Earth, 2003.- 336 p.

The device "TGSp-1" generates a sinusoidal current of positive polarity in the "Gene_A" mode and a pulse current of positive polarity in the "Gene_B" mode, in the frequency range 30-450 kHz. Providing an overwhelming effect on all pathological species (parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi) as communities resonating in the specified frequency range.


The "Gene_A" mode is based on an inertial effect on microorganisms, similar to bioresonance therapy with a frequency range of 30-450 kHz.

The "Gene_B" mode is based on a two-frequency use of a dynamic duty cycle in the range of 30-100 kHz. To achieve the most effective instrument action, both modes should be used.

The frequency set on the generator causes a harmonic series of resonant frequencies in the body, covering the entire frequency range destructive for pathogens.

Not a medical device!

Voltage requirements

  • Supply Voltage: 220 volt

In the USA, Japan, and UK an adapter will be needed.

A NOTE for US customers: you will need to convert US voltage from 110 V AC to 220-240 V AC. Using an adaptor will not affect the device functionality.




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