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Phagodent Bacteriophage gel 50 ml promote bacterial oral protection

Phagodent Bacteriophage  gel 50 ml  promote bacterial oral protection
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PHAGODENT gel with bacteriophages  50 ml

 Phagodent helps prevent the development of inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity. Phagodent contains a complex of 64 species of bacteriophages from the collection of Scientific and Production Center MicroMir LLC

Bacteriophages (from Ancient Greek meaning 'bacteria-eaters') – viruses that kill bacteria selectively: each type of bacteriophage is active only to the certain bacterial species and neutral with normal microbial flora of humans and don’t interact with their organs and systems.

Phagodent Bacteriophage is used to prevent bacterial infections of oral cavity.

It is possible to give the phages to all categories of as an effective and safe antibacterial agent for treatment and prevention, also combined with antibiotics.

Combined and protective effects of bacteriophages help the body to tackle infection and its consequences.

Prophylactic use of bacteriophages prevents new cases of infectious inflammation or significantly reduces disease severity.

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