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Silver water ionizer Nevoton IS-112 . English manual included

Nevoton IS-112 is designed to generate ionic silver water solution (Ag+) at home.

Silver ions deposit during the passing of direct (DC) electrical current between two electrodes. On of them is made from fine silver 9 9,9 the other one is from stainless steel.


The silver ionizer is controlled by a digital microprocessor, that adjusts electrical current parameters and operation cycle time accoring to your needs and quantity. Digital technology provides fail-safety and extra precise operation.

Nevoton IS-112 is very simple and easy to use.

Put it on top of a jar. The capacity of the jar may be 1, 2 or 3 liters.

Control panel with three sensor buttons is located on the top of ionizer case.

"РЕЖИМј" button - adjusts the concentration of solution ("POTABLE" or "CONCENTRATE").

ОБЪЕМ" button - adjusts the volume of work liquid (one/two/three liters).

Chosen modes are imaged by respective indicator.


"СТАРТ" button - starts and early stops ionization in case of necessity.

During the ionization indicator of work is lighting evenly.

The ending of ionization is automatic. If the indicator above "СТАРТ-СТОП" button is flashing and every 10 seconds rings short sound signal - the process of ionization is ended.

Your silver water is ready!

After the ending of ionization push "СТАРТ_СТОП" button. Ionizer transfers to initial state (POTABLE/ 1 liter) and ready for new startup.



Concentration of product solution:

  • Potable-regime - 35 mkg/L
  • Concentrate-regime - 10000 mkg/L
  • Useful operating life of electrode in potable-regime: over 60000 liters
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Output voltage: 12V
  • Output current: ~ 100 mA
  • Power consumption: ~ 5W
  • Dimensions: (mm) 125 x 125 x 150
  • Weight: 600 g
  • Silver electrode weight: 2,7 g

Healthy properties of silver

  • For today It's hard to say, how long time ago mankind found out curative properties of this noble metal. Well known, that 2500 years before Christ Egyptian warriors used silver for treatment of battle wounds - putted very thin plates on them, and wounds healed very fast.itioned by bactericidal properties of silver.
  • Most active elements of silver are it's ions. This active ions could be taken during process of electrolysis in water medium by special device. Ionizer Nevoton provides optimal concentration of active ions for home using.
  • Active silver ions easily penetrate into the living organism tissues and circulate in blood and fluid medium. If they meet pathogen microbes, viruses or fungi - likewise pass trough their outer shell and cause death.
  • Quantity of silver in tissues of human organism reaches 20 mcg on 100 g of dry matter. Most of it is accumulated in brain, nervous cells, endocrine glands, iris and bones. Silver is an essential structural element of our tissues.
  • Silver ions stimulate blood - making organs, intensify metabolic processes in brain, that improve it's function. They take part in metabolism and consumes, so we have to additionally supply it from without. Usually silver come into the organism with food - cucumbers, cabbage, dill. But concentration of silver in that vegetables is very small. On the other hand, if you drink a glass of silver water everyday, you quite supply your organism need in silver.
  • Silver is an essential microelement, that provides our health. It saves us against the infection - silver ions take part in functioning of our immune system. Also it has a bactericidal properties.
  • Minimal concentrations of silver in "silver" water (0.01 mg/L) are sufficient for destructing various pathogen microbes, viruses and fungi. In autumn and winter preventive use of silver water helps to resist catarrhal adenoviruses, influenza and parainfluenza. In summer it increase resistance to enteric infection without dysbacteriosis.

Beauty and health

  • Silver water possesses rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory and balancing action on skin of face and body. That's why cosmetologists recommend daily washing with silver water. It reinforces hair, that is weakened by chemical and mechanical aggression. Inflammatory processes stop, hair growth become more active. If you want to save your health and beauty, get rid of tiredness and head pains - take a "silver" bath with "silver" water. It dilates your capillaries, stimulates cells activity, normalizes hormone levels, increases immunity, removes poisons and chemical waste.
  • For taking care of face use silver water, made in concentrate-regime. If you don't use all volume of water, we recommend to keep the remains in the refrigerator for future applications. Next time mix it thorough before using.
  • House and garden Silver water (concentrate) is successfully used by gardeners for increasing and saving of harvest, for activating plant's immunity against microorganisms, for prolongation a cut flowers life.

Plants and seedling watering

  • Silver water decontaminate soil. For plants watering use next solution: 200 ml concentrate-regime silver water dilute in 10 liters of water.
  • Plants spraying with silver water decrease fungal infections. Use silver water as stated for watering.

Long-term preservation of cut flowers

  • Silver water allows to prolonging cut flowers life. Use water as stated for watering. Change it every day by makeup water.
  • Use silver water with air humidifier. If you use air humidifier, you can apply silver water. It will make the atmosphere of freshness and cleanness in your house. Put humidifier among plants, and they will gladden your eyes with gross leaves and splendid flowers.

Furniture and door handles

  • Well known, that there is a great number of bacteria are located on door handles, and every day we contact them. Regular processing of this surfaces by Concentrate significantly decrease the risk of infection. It's especially actually, when someone is ill at home.

Disinfection of sanitary rooms

  • Bathroom and toilet always need more thorough sanitary processing. Silver water perfectly manages with this task. All you need - is to prepare 1 liter of silver water in Concentrate-regime.

Toys processing

  • Kiddies strive to taste anything, especially their toys. Toys washing by chemical solutions is not the best solution, because they can came to mouth too. In this case, processing with silver water in Potable-regime can solve the problem.

Dish processing

  • It's useful to rinse forks, spoons, plates with silver water. Make enough volume of silver water and rinse it after washing to protect from bacteria.

European standard electric plug

Voltage requirements:

  • Supply Voltage: 220 volt

In the USA, Japan, and UK an adapter will be needed.

A NOTE for US customers: you will need to convert US voltage from 110 V AC to 220-240 V AC

Time of water processing is adjusted automatically under regime and water volume selecting.

Two kinds of "silver" water.

1 liter35 sec.20 min.
2 liters70 sec.-

Ionizer Nevoton allows to prepare two kinds of water.

Potable - water with silver ions concentration 35mcg/liter. Such water is permitted for food. It's useful in cooking, prolonging marinade, pickles and jams keeping time. You could treat toys and dishes to eliminate bacteria from surfaces.

Concentrate - water with silver ions concentration 10000 mcg/liter. You could use this water for washing, cosmetics, flowers watering, fruits and vegetables washing.

Do not use this water in food!

Concentrate-regime leads to great discharge of silver electrode. So, we recommend to use this regime economically.

For this reason ionizer program doesn't provide volume selection. You can prepare only 1 liter of water for one time.

Quality of silver water depends on initial mineral composition. That's why, for getting magnificent silver water we recommend to use potable non-mineralized water in bottles. Do not use distilled water!

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