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Household stone granite millstone mill for whole grain flour seed spices grinder

Household stone granite  millstone mill for whole grain flour  seed spices grinder
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                 Mill your own flour with the  grain mill GRAIN MARY .

                                  Fresh stone ground flour whenever you need!!

          Made in UKRAINE  to the highest quality.
          Perfect for wheat, rice, spelt, rye, and buckwheat, even spices.
          Make the perfect blend for all your sourdough baking, cakes, pasta and even mill gluten free grains for your own GF flour!
          We ship worldwide FREE


Used for grinding grain into whole grain flour at home. Only natural materials were used in the manufacture. It is used for grinding all types of cereals and spices, excluding crops containing oil.

millstones made of natural granite
you can adjust the degree of grinding
universal in use, suitable for completely different grains and spices
Made in Ukraine

The hand mill is made of natural alder wood. The mill is equipped with a high-quality fastening system (fixed with a clamp) for installation on a flat surface, as well as a convenient feeding hopper and receiving container. The revolving handle and B-pillar are made of high quality steel. The mill is equipped with natural stone millstones.


Mill - 1 piece
clamps for fastening - 2 pcs.


Base diameter 300mm

Millstones diameter 150mm

Height without handle 200mm

Weight 5.5kg


This hand mill with its solid construction, good fastening device and its quick and easy handling offers a real alternative where no electric power is available. This means that

you can still enjoy your high quality flour , for example in mountain huts, on boats, in your holiday homes or when camping.

The housing is made through and through of solid, hard beech-wood. 


The natural milling stone made of granite, perfectly formed by nature, absolutely non-synthetic, together with the low milling speed of hand-operation makes sure that your flour is processed in the gentlest possible way and is the perfect combination of abrasion resistance, hardness and stability, for long-life milling.



Technical data:



5,5 kg


20 cm without handle

Diameter of surface space:   


Funnel capacity:

300 g

Milling capacity fine:

40 g/min

Millin g capacity coarse:

80 g/min

Diameter of mill-stone:

15 cm




12 years

What you cannot process:

In general no grains with an oil content can be processed. For example:

· flax seeds,

· mustard seeds,

· sunflower seeds,

· poppy and pumpkin seeds,

· nuts,

· almonds

We do not recommend grinding coffee. The colour and smell will penetrate into the mill-stone, making cleaning very difficult.

Due to the consistency you cannot process:

· salt,

· sugar,

· tea,

· blossoms,

· leaves,

· buds,

· grasses,

· beansprouts,

· small woods,

· dried small fruits and berries,

· chestnuts,

· various seeds

It is not recommended to grind coffee. Colour and smell penetrate the grindstone, cleaning is very difficult.

Which types of grain can be processed with this hand mill ?

Wheat, spelt, rye , little spelt, buckwheat, rice, corn - Excellent

Millet, brown millet , soy, quinoa, lenses, amaranth ,peas - Good

Oats, kamut, chickpeas - You are damaging the mill

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