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Biocorrector BK17.5

Biocorrector BK17.5
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Biocorrector BK17.5 stationary

New for 2021.

Stationary version of the biocorrector.

Mains supply 220 V or 110-120V

Radiation frequency: harmonic series from 4.0 MHz or more.

Instrument dimensions: 5 x 9 x 2.6 cm.

Weight: 115 grams.

●Biocorrector BK17/5 is used exclusively in stationary mode. Thanks to the built-in electronic adapter and advanced circuit design, the biocorrector cleans and harmonizes not only the surrounding space, but also helps to block negative radiation that is formed not only in space, but also in the electrical network 110 /220V.

Electric wires are not only carriers of electricity, but also work as transmitting antennas of various kinds of radiation that carry a negative character. The biocorrector is especially relevant for use in those human habitats where there is a need to block radiation that leads to nervous and psychological disorders, as well as potentially dangerous to human life and health.

●Thanks to the effective operation of this device, it was possible to strengthen the resistance to harmful radiation from computers, WIFI and cell towers of various modifications from 3G to 5G, because. the level of radiation power of this biocorrector is from 5 to 6 times greater than that of previous versions of BK17.

●Also, the BK17/5 biocorrector is able to block the effects of anomalous and geopathic zones where a person stays for a long time. The positive impact of the biocorrector was also noted during negotiations, signing important documents and other communications of people in society.

Dimensions: 5 x 9 x 2.6 cm, weight 115 grams (device + power cord).

Biocorrector - Your mobile energy bodyguard Protection from external negative energy impact with the help of a biocorrector.

Noted effects of device users:

people with "heavy" energy will shun you, move away from you;

sometimes headaches and other pains can disappear if the cause of the pain was associated with a negative external influence (energy connection);

relationships improve;

the creative potential inherent in a person is revealed;

the level of need for bad habits (alcohol, smoking, , etc.) may decrease;

balance of internal balance is stabilized.

Who especially needs the device:

Everyone who actively works and communicates with people (teachers, sellers, medical workers, etc.)

The device maintains the internal balance of a person, cutting off harmful radiation (moods) from emotionally unstable people.


The negative reaction to inadequate behavior of drivers on the road is reduced, which reduces the likelihood of an accident.

For those who often use public transport.

Those who visit shops, shopping centers and other crowded places.

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