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Lyapko massager Pharoah

Lyapko massager Pharoah
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Lyapko massager Pharaoh





In a masseur "Pharaoh" the idea of a trihedral pyramid which, being a prototype of a tetrahedral pyramid is put, has inherited its salutary properties. Thetrihedral pyramid is a harmony symbol as sides and its parties are located under equal corners to each other.

The masseur "Pharaoh" is the experimentally picked up geometrical figure which proportions practically answer a golden section principle. On the structure the masseur form reminds a molecule of gas of methane which is a universe basis. Additional ledges on massage surfaces — ships different forms (in the form of hemispheres and cones with the rounded off top) transform each sphere into a harmonious pyramid. Thanking these ledges efficiency of qualitative properties of a masseur increases. Ledges form a combination of difficult lenses which, in turn, focus lightenergy bunches and direct them on a massed surface.

The masseur top is crowned with "crown" that strengthens originality of a masseur. Its form in a miniature duplicates a tetrahedron, one of which legs is turned in such a manner that all ledges are in one direction.

Unlike existing masseurs, "Pharaoh" has considerably more expressed massage properties: by means of four planes with various radiuses of curvature of working ledges it is possible to execute four kinds of the general both segmentary massage and five versions of acupressure.

Alternate use of each of the masseur parties gives various sensations that provides universality of its application. Namely: possibility of selection of its properties for any age, weights of a body, a threshold of sensitivity, a concrete problem that it is impossible to receive at use of other masseurs.

"Pharaoh" has positive influence on a power condition of the person that it favorably influences immune system, and, in turn, stabilises the general condition.

In the course of massage and after it fabrics generate healthy fluctuations of high intensity which correct negative and weak fluctuations of the broken fabrics, forcing them to vibrate in a healthy rhythm.

Application technique

The masseur can be applied with various intensity. For this purpose it is necessary to turn it so that the ledges of a masseur chosen by you were in area of a working surface. Than more sharply they allow to make ledges, especially deep and intensive massage.

Four kinds of intensity of massage:

The light massage is a soft superficial massaging by spheres with the big radius (the pyramid basis);

More expressed massage is carried out by the big hemispheres located on the basic spheres; thus there is an influence on blankets of muscles;

Deep massage is carried out by ledges with spherical tops.Muscles are thus studied on all depth;

Highly effective massage — the most intensive, serves for deep processing of muscles, sheaves and massage; it is spent by the sharpest conuse ledges.

At superficial massage sharp ledges reach effect of the easy, very pleasant, "tickling" influence passing in a condition of true pleasure.

Duration of massage and its intensity defines reception of desirable effect.Long, to 15 minutes and more, massage promotes a full relaxation of muscles, creates sedative (calming) effect.

Short massage, 3-5-7 minutes, has toning up an effect.

During a session it is necessary to carry out circular motions clockwise or longitudinal - upwards-downwards. For improvement of sliding massage should be spent through a fine fabric or easy clothes. For massage it is possible to use various creams and ointments. 

Using a masseur "Pharaoh", it is possible to spend the general, segmentary and acupressure.

The general massage has positive influence on all organism as a whole, leading to harmony all its systems. For tomisation it is recommended to spend deep and most intensive massage (3rd and 4th degrees of intensity) within 5-7 minutes. And for a relaxation - 1st and 2nd degrees of intensity, within 15 minutes.

Segmentary massage has positive influence on certain systems of an organism, normalises work of an internal, depending on is reflex-segmentary communications of a zone of a body on which massage is spent.

Acupressure is one of reflexotherapy methods. It influences biologically active points, having therapeutic and preventive an effect.

Massaging by one ball or its any ledge is used for massage of separate muscular groups (intercostal muscles, muscles of a brush and foot).

By means of "crown" beams it is possible to spend more exact massage of zones of the conformity used in Su Dzhok of therapy on brushes and stops.

Massaging simultaneously two balls apply to massage of long muscles of a back and muscular groups of a shin, a hip, a shoulder.

It is possible to spend anti-cellulite massage, moving a masseur upwards from a knee to a hip and in other problem zones. The most suitable here are 3rd 4th modes of intensity. This kind of massage destroys целлюлитные adjournment and makes active blood circulation, strengthens processes of ability to live of cages of a skin, muscles and promotes their updating. Conditions for activization of exchange processes and fat splitting are as a result created.Before a session of anti-cellulite massage it is important to be warmed up (by means of a bath, a shower or a bath).

The masseur "Pharaoh" is a universal regulator of weight of a body. For the purpose of weight loss process area of a stomach, a back, a waist, hips 20-40 minutes prior to meal 3rd and 4th kinds of ledges.

The manual masseur "Pharaoh" is recommended for application in house conditions, and also in the centres of massage and manipulation, the rehabilitation centres, medical and sanatorno-improving establishments.

To the professional masseur by means of a masseur "Pharaoh" is possible to add in the arsenal of methods not only original and pleasant for patients a massage kind, but also to increase (at the expense of ergonomics of this masseur) the working capacity in 2-3 times.

Safety measures



Before massage check up integrity of spheres of a masseur. In the presence of mechanical damages it is necessary to make polishing an emery paper.

It is not recommended to do massage in the presence of abscesses and other expressed damages of an integument, and also to zones of the increased lymph nodes and at the diseases accompanied by a heat.

"Pharaoh" is recommended to store a masseur in packing as it is executed in the form of a pyramid. The pyramid in a zone of the activity corrects space structure, approaching it to a harmony condition. The masseur placed in a pyramid is cleared of negative information fields and receives a positive charge of three most powerful field structures - «pi», «omega» and "mu".

Joint application applicators Lyapko, needle platens and a masseur "Pharaoh" mutually increases their medical efficiency. Besides, massage after applicationapplicators allows to improve diffusion of useful metals from an integument through blood on all organism.

Comfortable and practical, and the main thing, an accessible masseur "Pharaoh" will relieve you of many problems, becomes you the good friend and the reliable defender of your health!

Be convinced of it.




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